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  1. [PHOTOS] Team Melli training (Malaysia) 09.07.07
  2. Shatskikh Beh Man Goft!!!!!
  3. Iran have right recipe for success - Mahdavikia
  4. Iran announced starting 11 for Uzbek game
  5. Xinhua- Uzbekistan likely to shock Iran
  6. Karimi to have a.......
  7. Play Ballllll....Do Doo Do Doo Do Doo....
  8. Uzbek Coach: Iran Go Home!
  9. Kuwaiti referee to be the Iran-Uzbak game man.
  10. Let's wish our country the "BEST"! Bring it home guys!
  11. Ghalenoei - Iran ready for Asian Cup charge
  12. Inileyev confident despite Shatskikh absence
  13. روایت یک حسرت ۳۱ ساله
  14. can't ****** SLEEEEP!!
  15. Great News from the Camp
  16. Live Report - Iran v Uzbekistan
  17. Ghalbe e man dare miszoozeh. :( :(
  18. The new generation saved us today! [IRAN - UZB ANALYSIS]
  19. Mehdi's tooth stuck in Uzbek's head, and Ghalenoei forgot his wallet in the stands ;)
  20. Iran - Uzbekistan Match Analysis
  21. Player ratings!!!!
  22. Substitute Kazemian hands Iran winning start
  23. what is it with our defender/goalie miscues everytime?
  24. History Repeats It Self: Rahman Rezaii
  25. Maybe it was good that we were crap
  26. Iran vs Uzbekistan Awards
  27. Same old problems, same old problems and a whole set of questions...
  28. Iran Vs. Uzbk (Full 90 minutes video)
  29. Nickname for Hosseini!
  30. Enayati - A candidate to become the Asian Cup top-scorer?
  31. Out of the Five Contenters, Iran is the only team that has won it first Group game!
  32. Iran can win it all! No question about it!
  33. take it easy guys it was only our first game!!!
  34. I hope Iran becomes second in their group to avoid Australia until the Final!
  35. Give Rezaei a Break
  36. Goal clips please...
  37. Request to Members
  38. Did you guys see Mirzapour in the stands?
  39. Iranian players received $1,000 for their win
  40. Ghalanoei plays down dismissal
  41. IRAN Vs. CHINA (Date & Time)
  42. Karimi hails Iran fighting spirit
  43. ENAYATI STAYS IN HASHEMIAN OUT!(marketing perhaps)?
  44. china will be a walk in the park for us !!
  45. Is there a place online that I can watch the game or any other Satellite channels?
  46. Sadeghi instead of Zandi
  47. khatibi ,,he is not ready for tm
  48. Predict Iran - China
  49. Ali Daei named in FIFA's squad for Mandela Birthday Match
  50. Arabs 6 teams and 0 wins !
  51. Kazemian delighted by match-winning display
  53. Wake up and learn from DAie
  54. Disgracfull, Ando's cross censored in Iran
  55. our defensive line
  56. AFC prefares China over Iran
  57. conspiracy against IRAN?
  58. My lineup for China (beat them at their own game, SPEED!)
  59. Lets hope that TM is spared from these bastards
  60. Analysis: Defence Line Up vs. China, Kaabi or Kia
  61. Football news from BBC
  62. Khatibi in danger of ban from the games!
  63. Roudbarian should not be our #1 goal keeper in this tournament
  64. Mahdavikia: China game will be easier than Uzbak game.
  65. Crowd attendance - Disgrace for Asia
  66. TM prepares for Chinese
  67. Just a reminder for you guys...
  68. I saw it on Qatar TV....new
  69. Who could this player be?
  70. Ham-otaaghiha dar hoteleh TM..ki ba kiy room dareh?
  71. Mahdhavikia fixes his tooth
  72. game in nyc?
  73. Arash Borhani Signed with Pp today
  74. Is it me or the standards of this Asian Cup is truly low?
  75. Are we the Bad Boys of the Asian Cup?
  76. Iran coach hits out at 'water-gate' ban
  77. Guys I received a phonecall from heaven
  78. yaa Emaam-e Zamoon...Mehdi Mahdavikia is 30 years old...officailly...!
  79. Iran vs. China Analysis, Reviews, Opinions (All should be posted here)
  80. Watch Iran vs China online
  81. Iran-China Live Report 2nd Half
  82. Iran - China Player Ratings! :) :)
  83. Malaysia; what's next?
  84. I miss Mirzapour
  85. Kaiseramir Jaan Help...where can i watck iran games in Bucharest?
  86. Iran: verrrryyyyyy niceeee
  87. time for KArimi to retire andd collect his cash!
  88. did u see, Iraqi fan cheering for china?
  89. R 2 bad games enought for Enayati fans to SHUT UP?
  90. Chelo kabab ya non-o-peyaz
  91. really need to see the goals
  92. who do u prefer to play?? Bahrain, Korea, or KSA?
  93. Iran Vs. Malaysia (Date & Time)
  94. [IMAGES] Iran vs China (Asian Cup 2007) 15.07.07
  95. Karimi: Age mishenidam javaabesho midaadam!
  96. Wrong tactics make life difficult for Iran in a low quality Asian Cup
  97. Funny Iran - China pictures! :D :D
  98. We Have To Top The Group
  99. Amir hossein Sadeghi beat up his team-mate and get kicked out of TM camp!!! (pics)
  100. KSA or GR for Iran in the playoffs? Vote!!!
  101. One thing is for sure...TM has shown clear sings of physical supriority
  102. Qalenoi might be the decisive factor
  103. Ghalenoei delighted after China draw
  104. Karimi,s Confidence Is Low Because Of Bench Warming!
  105. Iran And Set Pieces
  106. 'Up and down' Iran worry coach
  107. China's point of view
  108. If u were the Head Coach...
  109. Positive Journalism
  110. YES!!!! Arash Borhani signed with SS today!!
  111. Vote on Enayati...
  112. Fori>hameye Doshmanane Tm
  113. آشتى كنان پيش از قهر كريمى
  114. Iranians in Europe (Still being updated)
  115. for those in Dc/Maryland to watch Iran's football
  116. TM practicing before Malaysia game
  117. GN meeting with five European players
  118. Maleysian coach: "We will play defensive and try to damage control agianst Iran"
  119. GN thanked Metsu for Fair play!!
  120. Help me out here
  121. My irib channels and dubai sport are hacking like hell WTF
  122. Iran-Malyasia Live Report - Analysis [Threads merged]
  123. Player Ratings, Iran - Malaysia
  124. New FIFA RANKING July
  125. Will Hashemian miss the next game???
  126. This could turn out to be the toughest games ever !!
  127. Nekunam man of the match for the 2nd time
  128. it's Japan,Aussie,Saudi,Uzbek VS Iraq,Viet,Iran,SK.
  129. AC 04 rematch? (Iran vs. S. Korea)
  130. Jalal Hosseini isnt just a good defender, he have other functions too..
  131. Pictures of Iran-Malaysia game
  132. Iran Vs Malaysia (Full 90 Minutes Video)
  133. Ghalenoi's reasoning. Chera / Why? What is he thinking?
  134. will Iran stay in the same city or move to another place?
  135. So, we made it to the 2nd round. How did we play so far? PLEASE VOTE!
  136. Daie was outstanding tonight in Nelson Mandela birthday game (Africa vs. World)
  137. About ALI DAEI's goals...
  138. who do we blame now?
  139. Ghalenoei pleased to top group
  140. قلعه*نوعى* واقعيت* را بپذيرد حق* با حشمت‌
  141. Very funny!
  142. Which channel?
  143. Game in widescreen on Tapesh
  144. Funny comments on funny pictrues from yesterdays game LOL
  145. GN zad to dahaneh ' Khareji parstra !!"
  146. Mind Training Needed.....
  147. Iran vs South Korea - Prediction
  148. IRAN Vs. S.KOREA (Date & Time)
  149. Request about Daei
  150. OUr striker problems dont end with Enayati, When is the last time Hashemian scored?
  151. Can Enayati do it again?
  152. [Video] - Watch ALI DAEI shine in Nelson Mandela's birthday match
  153. Iran ready to welcome Korea
  154. Ladies
  155. Which team has the best goalkeeper?
  156. Just a reminder...........
  157. We play winner of...
  158. Ghaleonoei's contract expires July 30th
  159. Baraye TM
  160. Do You Like\Dislike GN Becasue You are ESES\PP Fan?
  161. Is it possible that GN wont have Kaabi in the game against Korea?
  162. Puma Jerseys to be Gone September
  163. Blue futsallers edge out the red's 4-3
  164. GN to return to 3 5 2
  165. Ali Dayee is the reason why we don't have a reliable striker today
  166. Stop the Culture of 'Blame' and get behind your Team
  167. Which Site To Watch The Game?
  168. What if Iraq wins the whole thing
  169. GN WAS ASKED ,who is your best player in team ?
  170. Iran - Korea Ref, VERY DODGYYYYY!!!!
  171. Pictures of Iran last Practice, the referee of the game has changed
  172. Afshin Ghotibi
  173. comments from a south korean fan on iran game
  174. Ashkan Dejagah
  175. Korea Times Newspaper Article on Iran vs. S. Korea Match
  176. korkori thread!
  177. I may sound arrogant, but this team has some real great qualities!
  178. Say Hello to the Future Coach of the TM: after tonite's game...
  180. It's Do or DIE
  181. Iran vs. Korea [GERYE ZAARI - Thread]
  182. Daei or Khatibi?
  183. TM Players thank you!
  184. Karimi
  185. Domestic Coach or Foreign?
  186. Iran's Best Player - Asian Cup 2007
  187. GN talks about PK /khatibi
  188. رحمان رضایی از تیم ملی خداحافظی کرد
  189. Thank you Mr. Ghalenoei. Now LEAVE! [Analysis and perspectives for the future]
  190. As Ali Daei says in the past;"footballeh ma haminast"
  191. Player Ratings...last one for AFC CUp....Iran - Korea
  192. بچه*ها به ايران خوش آمديد!
  193. GN interwiev after the game (sobhevarzesh paper)
  194. ايران محتاط و محافظه*كار
  195. Iran will not be participating in the Confederations Cup
  196. GN: I am responsible for Iran's loss
  197. Whats next
  198. How to destroy a team in one year - By Amir Ghalenoei
  199. Angry Again...Well Not Me and You Should't Be Either
  200. Please! For god's sake, stop asking for a WORLD CLASS coach!
  201. Watched the game with another IK member: Bache_Shemroon
  202. The Talebloo Substitution .... your thoughts
  203. The future looks bright!! Very bright!
  204. Which Players Refused To Take PKs
  205. Respect for Number 10. Respect
  206. آقای قلعه نو ئی متشکر یم: By Footballmedia.net
  207. EDITORIAL: Ghalenoei puts the last nail on Team Melli coffin
  208. Gotbi after the game: Hashemian is the best striker in asia!!
  209. it would be azaadari even if we would beat korea!
  210. Must read jahanefootball.net page 4 article.
  211. Enough with all this crap, when is IPL starting?
  212. Congratulations Korea, Thanks TM
  213. Is there a possibility to apprach Iran football federation
  214. maybe ebrahimi should be our next coach!
  215. Is Karimi retiring??
  216. History of Iran's PKs
  217. Rumor: Gn Will Retire
  218. what team does Iran resemble in american leagues?
  219. A must read editorial - Link inside
  220. خوش خیالی هم حدی دارد
  221. Pros and Cons of Asian Cup from a neutral perspective of a depressed fan
  222. emam zaman did not help us!
  223. Solution to problem
  224. (TM in Mehrabad) pics
  225. Ha ha ha...Reza Enayati defends his performance...
  226. اشك ها و دلارها
  227. Article: Blank Cartridges! - By Nader Jahanfard
  228. سهم ها از اين فوتبال زجرآور مشخص است
  229. ITS WAR NOW! - Qalenoei: "This was our best game against South Korea in history"
  230. Iran vs iraq
  231. Fantastic interview with Reza Chalangar - Definitely worth reading!
  232. ghotbi I can fix Iran's TM in 2-3 Weeks!
  233. Damn you Ghalenoei..Damn you Khatibi
  234. TM has 70 million coaches and more ...
  235. khak too sar e ma iraniha (dirt into our head!!!)
  236. PAS players are NO SHOW !!
  237. ALI PARVIN , Don't blame Amir !!
  238. All Arab final at Asian Cup; Saudi Arabia vs. Iraq
  239. Freindly game in Italy >>> Lazio 2 Vs Peykan 0
  240. No Longer worry about Iranian teams in international games
  241. What do Iraqi's have that we don't? I need your input...
  242. قلعه نوعي نتيجه اي گرفت که استحقاقش را داش
  243. Tapesh
  244. Parviz Dehdari Kojaaee Keh ROOHAT SHAAD!!
  245. رحمان: تيم ملى خوب هدايت نمى شد
  246. To Shahriar and all those who loved Hassan Rowshan and our national team!
  247. write your feelings about the things in this post!
  248. Az Asb oftadeem Az asl ke nayoftadeem (Down? Yes. Down and out? NEVER)
  249. World Soccer Magazine selects Ali Daei in world's top 10 list
  250. My journey through Asian Cup