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  1. karimi: بعید نیست روزی غلبه بر تیم های عربی هم برا&#
  2. GN: Mexico lose can help us become Asian champions!!
  3. GN: result wasn't important
  4. سرمربي تيم فوتبال اميد عربستان : از بازي تي
  5. Teymourian leads rejuvenated Iran
  6. The Time For Iran Vs Uzbakistan Game!
  7. "Fosh Bedeh be IFF"-Thread
  8. Is Iran getting a foreign coach?
  9. Vietnam Made it to 2nd round??..and we did NOT
  10. Australian Asian Cup Squad announced.
  11. Is he stupid or he think fans are stupid
  12. Peace before AC!
  14. Iran Announces Squad / List of 30 players for Asian cup
  15. Ghalenoei Is Chased By Chelsea!
  16. "The General" Looks Confident
  17. MahdaviaKia's Interview After His Transfer to EINTRACHT FRANKFURT
  18. AFC Interview: Mahdavikia
  19. Firnedlies?
  20. How many think Mirza's absense will be a factor?
  21. more and more I think about it, less and less I want to blame the coaches
  22. Iranians retain Asian Clubs title in Bahrain
  23. Shapurzadeh on IRINN
  24. Iran to wear Daiee Jerseys Again?
  25. Hafzi Cup: Sepahan-Saba[R]
  26. Iraq Vs Iran
  27. Olympic football failure=Future senior TM failure!
  28. روزگار تكراري آقاي قلعه نويي Must Read...lol!
  29. Footballmedia.net to GN: When will your team start playing football?
  30. FIFA Interview with Ali Daei
  31. Prediction for AFC games
  32. Some pics from the TM CAMP [karimi, mahdavikia, zandi, hash....]
  33. How many here are still hurting over what China did to us last AC?
  34. Joke of the week, Enayati: I will be the top scorer of AFC games
  35. Does our team have UNITY?
  36. TM Selection Criterias
  37. AFC Champions League draw
  38. TM News
  39. Nikbakht out of AC due to injury
  40. Iran Ghana friendly June 27
  41. Some New Pic of TM and their practice today....SHIREH!!
  42. In memory of Mashti, can we all say a SALAVAT so no one gets hurt please!!
  43. Japan 'burning' to avenge World Cup loss to Aussies
  44. Fifa Ranking June 07 ! Iran Drops Massively
  45. Honar Nazd-e Iraanian AST 2 Bast....lol
  46. West Asian Championship 2007 - The latest games schedule
  47. Iran Head Coach: GN
  48. IRAN: Asian Champions
  49. Your salavats didnt work...Nosrati out of the Asian Games....DAMN...!!
  50. Talebloo resumed training under Abedzadeh's supervision
  51. This is another reason why vatani coaches sucks, MK, Gn, ...
  52. Pictures TM practices with BALLS!!!!
  53. Sepahan-Hazfi Cup Champions
  54. Chinese and Uzbek Squads for Asian Cup
  55. Iraq National Team Squad for the AFC Asian Cup 2007
  56. TM News June 16, 2007
  57. Hashemian slightly injured in today's practice
  58. Roo ke nist ...
  59. آخرين* خبر: ميرزاپور رسماً* به* تيم* پروي 
  60. Is there a possibililty that Iran can avoid Australia in SemiFinal?
  61. Who will be the Asian Cup's Most Valued Player?
  62. Is it me or Is Ali Karimi very, very serious about his work outs these days?
  63. what is this??!! Trivia
  64. Exclusive IK pictures from TM's Sunday practice session
  65. Football Media: Arash Borhani to join Vitoria de Setubal of Portugal!
  66. Another highlight from IFF: West Asian Cup stolen!!
  67. Ali Deai broke his silence
  68. Very big honor for Nekounam!!
  69. Iran vs Jamiaca July 2, addition to Iran vs Ghana
  70. RUDE...but funny video Ali Daie...OVER 21
  71. Aria Jasuru Hasegawa! Iranian Football Player for Japan U-20 team!
  72. Watch Out Asia - Iran's Coming!
  74. Where the hell is North Korea????????
  75. Tisheh Beh Risheh ZadanD.
  76. Who do you guys prefer Iran facing in Quarter Final, S. Korea or S. Arabia?
  77. Downloading the Penalty Kicks videos of Iran vs China 2004?
  78. Does anyone have the Ali Daie (NAVAD) interview?
  79. GN: I am not worried about our defense.
  80. Latest TM pics...NO BALLS...Sorry Kabee jaan
  81. Amir Galenoe Injured.....YOUR SALAVATS didnt work....
  82. If Iran does well in AFC....
  83. Iran Vs. Ghana on June 28
  84. Amazing news by PFDC
  85. Kabbi: "90% headed to England"
  86. Iran Maldive friendly on July 7
  87. Waff Semi Finals !
  88. What If....
  89. Being Able to Watch Other Asian Cup games Other than Iran's
  90. Disgusting China does it again. Paying the Referee at the Asia Cup.
  91. Is there a way to watch the Autralia games through web stream?
  92. Number 10 Should Be Retired!!!!!
  93. We are very inexperienced at the HEART of our DEFENSE...what do U think?
  94. Here is what Rahman Rezai had to say about our TM
  95. Ireland League to be in FIFA 08!! 1 out of 4 Leagues mentioned! IRAN HAS A CHANCE!!!
  96. daei's goodbye game is long over due
  97. Mirazapour return to TM training
  98. Take a good look at this video..this is why China will get their A$$ kicked in 2 week
  99. any updates on rahahan ,games ?
  100. WAFF Arabs really think they're hot shit
  101. waff: Iraq winsssssssssssssss
  102. who really thinks arab leagues are bad for us?
  103. Iran vs Jordan - updates
  104. Man...Jordan Sucks at soccer...
  105. Afshin Ghotbi on Persepolis job offer
  106. I am so sorry Daryoush Jaan...That man was an idiot
  107. Is Pas going back to Tehran?
  108. Karimi to partner Hashemian up front or KHatibi?
  109. What do you think?
  110. Kasey Keller
  111. Great News: Hossein Ka'abi's links to English Teams
  112. Iran V Iraq - WAFF Championship final
  113. Watch Iran-Iraq Game Live in here
  114. Good game Iran, from Iraq
  115. Will Ando miss the Ghana Games?
  116. Vahid Hashemian on TM and his future
  117. Iran missed the final deadline...
  118. where can i watch games in nyc?
  119. Not having a big name forward aside from Hash, a new blessing for TM
  120. مهدوى*کيا همه* کاره* تيم* ماست*
  121. What was mobali's problem in final
  122. After watching Roudbarian, is there any question who will Be #1 golee
  123. This is a great team offensively, i hope GHalenoyee can utilize our players!
  124. Dodgy Friendlies
  125. I understand your emotions, but dont get your hopes too high...READ!
  126. Did anyone watch Iran?
  127. Is anybody able to Watch persian soccer channel from Jame Jam International?
  128. Ghalenoei: We Are Going for the Title
  129. Photos : Iran Vs Iraq
  130. Safar Iranpak ( video )
  131. Great read about Karimi...Footballmedia.net.
  132. Smeagol like the precious! MY PRECIIOOOUUUUUUSSSSSSSSSSSSS
  133. Could Iran beat USA?
  134. DID you knew that shapouzadeh was in Irans Squad in WAFF Games??
  135. we have scored 10 goals in 10 games,where is helicopter?or wizard/ jadogar/vafoori
  136. Did Mayeli really ride his bike to TM practice yesterday?
  137. Watch what a fit Housain Kaabi can do for us in 2 weeks.
  138. 7 players from B team join team melli
  139. Hejazi - New Esteghlal Head Coach
  140. What time is the game tomorrow?
  141. mobali , khaziravi ,,these 2 need to get back !!
  142. Ghana In Iran With (8) World Cup Player!!! Wow!
  143. Bahrain an Asian Powerhouse
  144. Final 23 players for Asian Cup
  145. Iran Vs. Ghana
  146. Dubai sports does not get the signal from Telestar5 anymore?
  147. IFF and GN lied again
  148. where to watch the Ghana game online??
  149. watch the game in high stream...live
  150. Ghana RO chikareSH Mekoneem ??? ssssooo
  151. this team should have played mexico !!
  152. zandi is so cool
  153. Australia take hi-tech approach to Asian Cup
  154. anyone know how i can watch the first half
  155. Ghana played with their A team.
  156. Because of work I missed the Iran Ghana game, how did Iran play?
  157. This team isnt physically fit...Zandi doesnt belong in defense
  158. Hejazi ...amo nasser to many in Ss
  159. I just want to know who likes khatibi here and believes in him!
  160. Has anybody thought about this?
  161. Some cool pictures of TM game with Ghana
  162. بازي با اميدهاي غنا، دشوارتر از تقابل با ب
  163. Nikbakht is forever finished for the Tehran's Blues
  164. Yet another Kalamaat-e Gesaar by Gn: playing Ghana B is more difficult than their A
  165. We wont really know about Nosrati until game time.
  166. تیم دوم ایران هم می تواند حریفان آسیایی را 
  167. footballmedia.net: Iran playing Ghana U-23 a wasted opportunity
  168. When is Iran - Jamaica game?
  169. Finally a good news
  170. Great goal by Samereh and even greater arabic commentator
  171. ISNA: Iran will not pay any money to Ghana for violation of contract
  172. Iran's Daei in 'World Stars' Team..........GFA Screws Up - Iran To Sue?
  173. Bitter and jealous?
  174. Parchame Iran
  175. Iran To Sue Ghana?
  176. let's sue Ganja boys too
  177. can you help me......
  178. Final 23 players
  179. buffalo soldja
  180. Ghormeh Abzi will boost our team
  181. "Daei backing former teammates" AFC website
  182. دومين حريف قلابى
  183. Hassan Roshan Interview
  184. Another good news but ...
  185. Football Media: An Interview with Afshin Ghotbi - KavehOC
  186. jamaica beh man goft
  187. Iran - Jamaica
  188. Asian Cup 2007 Schedule
  189. We won but Our defense is SCARY
  190. [pics]iran - Jamaica
  191. Final 26 players to the Asian Cup
  192. Let's post on the Jamaican boards!!!
  193. Very, Very, Very Happy....
  194. Goal Clips
  195. Nekounam turns down Glasgow Rangers
  196. Let's analyse our rivals here
  197. Ali Karimi joins AL-qatar for 5 million ...
  198. خداحافظ ،به اميد قهرمانى
  199. Ali Karimi prediction pole
  200. Do we have a final TM list yet?
  201. In case of a shoot out......
  202. [PICS]TM Players in Airport
  203. Time to Change Your Avatars
  204. Ali Karimi's interview
  205. Kaabi joins english side LCFC for 2 years
  206. Iran Iran, tiiimeh SHIIIIRAN!!!
  207. Mehdi – Iran’s ‘magic carpet’
  208. Any Pictures Players Arriving to Malaysia Airport?
  209. Maldives friendly cancelled
  210. PSC channel Showing all the non-iran games?
  211. how come there is no post about Paas leaving Tehran
  212. Confirmed: Roudbarian is our man. Khoda rahm koneh.
  213. We want the Cup , this time for good.
  214. Just some thoughts....
  215. what program and channel show in myp2p is streaming Iraq vs Thailand game?
  216. Asian Cup Fantasy Competition
  217. Zandi ,,,Ss or Pp ?
  218. Lord I keep thinking Borhani could have help us this tournment.
  219. TM Training Pics in Malaysia
  220. weather threatens Asian Cup
  221. SISSY Australians: Blisters cripple Socceroos
  222. Magnificent article on possibility of an Iran-Australia rematch - Les Murray
  223. Second best won't do for Kaebi
  224. Vote for Iran
  225. Watching the openning ceremony...Stadium is virtually empty!!!
  226. a questain about Rodbarian?
  227. Watching other games online??????
  228. Iran's Karimi eager to prove himself at Asian Cup
  229. Enjoy Karimi, Hashemian, Rezaie, Kia one last time....
  230. yet another significant last-minute change to the Asian cups.
  231. [PICS]TM training in Bukit Jalil Stadium
  232. [VIDEO] Asian Cup 2007 Game Highlights
  233. Listen to these people
  234. Australia V Oman match streaming info here.
  235. One thing i notice....READ, very intresting!
  236. Watching the games in Paris
  237. Last time Iran won the Asian Cup outside of iran was in 72 hosted by Thailand!
  238. [Pics] TM Training
  239. Afc Dual Standards !
  240. AFC CUP (interesting stat)
  241. I told everyone here not to be fooled by Australia's performance in the worldcup
  242. Look like Shojae made the final cut
  243. دايي رکوردار حضور در مسابقات جام ملت هاي آ
  244. Did Parvin REALLY say this!!!???
  245. No team in this AFC should be underestimated...
  246. GLWIZ.COM shows all AC games
  247. Does Football Deserve So Much Of Our Attention?
  248. Time for Iran Game....
  249. final 23 players
  250. Iran Vs. Uzbekistan (Date & Time)