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  1. Tajikestan'e Olympic Team Replaces Iran's Omid Team....
  2. Irans Omid will participate in asian games after continous talks with fifa ! <ISNA>
  3. Fifa lifts ban on Iran
  4. BREAKING NEWS>> Ban lifted, mostafavi interviewed <ISNA>
  5. Pas Fc
  6. Vasseh Sallamati Futball Iran Sallavat
  7. Abulfazl Jalali: Karimi hates Germany, thats why he doesnt like to learn german
  8. Dejaghah has his first name in persian tatooed on his arm..wow.
  9. Iran Better Wins Thwe Asian Games
  10. 20 players will depart for Qatar on Monday Nov 27
  11. Denizli is teaching Iranain footbal community more than just football,Professionalism
  12. Simouz speaks before flight to Qatar...Thank you Kaveh jaan!
  13. Iran Vs. Maldives (Asian Games) Date & Time
  14. Prediction Iran Vs Maldivas
  15. GN lied to Simoes
  16. official : iran vs maldaves sallavat thread
  17. Shamsaai: There is no player in Asia at my level..
  18. Kaabi thread
  19. Pas refuses the omid team Roodbarian's services.
  20. Iran-Maldives
  21. Iran Still Undeafeated With Sallavat Threads
  22. Don't Be So Quick to Bash the Omids:
  23. Roxanaz What Happen To Rudi..rudi Dade Sooti
  24. November MOTM Nomination
  25. don't put these guys under "ZAREHBIN".
  26. Where is Mirzapour? Does anyone know what is going on with him?
  27. PGL Prediction Results after wk10
  28. Japan And China Made A Statement Today
  29. Iran Vs. Hong Kong (Asian Games) Date & Time
  30. Simoes i will leave Iran after Asian games
  31. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 11 - Results
  32. PGL Prediction Results after wk11
  33. Another Brilliant Iranian coach REED...Jalali out...Shahrokhi new PAAS coach!
  34. Why dont they invite Meysam Baoo?
  35. Blater Iran has till Tuesday to comply
  36. What to believe? Rooster tail or swear to Hazrat Abbas (Simoes)
  37. Watch Ashkan in Hertha Live on
  38. mohamad reza roodaki brings iran its first medal..sallavat
  39. Radio Israel: Kaebi converts to Christianity
  40. Mehr news reports: ایران رای فیفا را نمی پذیرد
  41. Maziar Zarea!!! Holy Moly! Shoots harder than Ali Daei!
  42. tabrik we won today...all we need is a tie against india
  43. Official Asian Games Thread..
  44. Borhani -whats Wrong with him ?
  45. top 2 Khar shoot goals of Iran over last 6 years
  46. All we care about is result
  47. Iran Vs. India (Asian Games) Date & Time
  48. akbar outi err misagian is new RAAHAN COACH
  49. Karimi has offer from AL Itehad ?
  50. PGL Wk 12 Prediction (Deadline Dec 10)
  51. This ROCKET is worth watching over and over again. Thanks to Irangoals.com.
  52. An Iranian is a candidate for the HSV rightback postition according to Kicker.
  53. Top 10 reasons why not invite Dejageh to TM..by Nader...Amazing! Nader dooset darim
  54. the difference and resemblances between Ali daie V james bond v denizly
  55. picture of Maziar Zare and Marhoom Gayegran together. thank to ISP
  56. Mohajerani: Simoes Knows What He Is Doing-by ISP
  57. Daei thinking of championship
  58. barayeh pi***** iran bar hindoostan SALLAVAT
  59. Petition to invite Ashkan Dejagah
  60. FIFA introduced three person committee for Iran football
  61. ballack as ineffective as ali karimi
  62. ny updates on the game ??
  63. Bringing in players from around Asia to Iranian clubs.
  64. Dont feel too bad. Japan lost to N. korea 2-1 and is out!
  65. Congrats to all Iranian....REZAZADEH bring first gold to Iran in +105 kg snatch
  66. Ali Karimi on the verge of transferring to KSA!!
  67. AFC and Ocenia combined to have 5 slots for 2010 World Cup
  68. چشم اميد به ملي*پوشان كشتي آزاد
  69. Watch china play right here. They are losing 1-0
  70. Bohrani to midfield...........
  71. this IR youth team will even lose to chinese ladies team
  72. We Beat Hendoostan ..who Is Next?
  73. Sign dejagah petition
  74. Prediction And Sallavat Thread For Iran Vs China
  75. Iran vs. China (Asian Games )Quarterfinals [Date & Time]
  76. any results from hazfi cup???
  77. a homeless player ,a useless borhani and asian games
  78. Blater, Iran has till Dec 12 to accept the road map
  79. some infomation about the Team China U-21
  80. Should Borhani be inivited back to TM
  81. Dejagah reaffirms interest to play for Iran's national football team
  82. Is it Pro or POR-rO ?
  83. chinnnnnnnnnnnnnn SOOOOOOOORAKHEH
  84. What a waste!!!!
  85. from Bad to BAd-TAr !!!
  86. dast az sareh varzesh bardared ..
  87. Asia Zeer-e Paay- Gavitrin Mard-e Jahaan.....SHIREH
  88. the reason why our players choose to go UAE, instead of playing in europe (CLIP)
  89. What Qatar is doing is disrespectful to Sports-Thanks to ISP
  90. Iran Narrowly Pass The Long Wall Of China
  91. do u belive in sallavat....DO U BELIVE IN SALLAVAT
  92. Iran should refuse to march in the closing ceremony
  93. Arash Borhani Made Beef And Brokli Out Of The Chinese
  94. Roxanaz ''roudbarian Roo'' Jadooo Kardeh
  95. Final 4.......iran , Qatar, Iraq, S.korea Prediction Time
  96. Iran Vs Qatar Sallavt Thread..make This Sticky
  97. If Simoes brings the title home ....
  98. Qatar Beh Mane Gooooooooooooft
  99. Oladi Penalty Was One For The Ages
  100. Perspolise Sarvareh Kooleh Iran..saba Sooorakheh
  101. seesaw of emotions,arab referee,ollady,kaaby,ali daie took his crown.
  102. they took Bo-Bak's gold away from him, here is what they will do to us in football
  103. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 12 - Results
  104. perspolis V saba battry.the result
  105. End the suspension issue immediately
  106. Iran U-23 - Qatar
  107. An honest warning to our TM, be carful against Qatar they are out to get you!
  108. Iran vs. Qatar (Asian Games )Semifinals [Date & Time]
  109. result men volleybal,referee,roodbarain,ollady,tabrizi,no money,perspolis the arab...
  110. PGL Week 13 Prediction (Deadline Dec 17)
  111. iran football got a 100 days extension
  112. Every Iranian should dedicate tommorows game to BIBAK...You are the true champ!
  113. Does anyone know why the Iran-Qatar Refree hasnt been announced? Very strange
  114. Iran Vs Japan Live Report..basketball Qfag
  115. Is there any word like SHAKHSIYAT(personality) in Arab culture !?
  116. Are the Asian Games football results counted in Fifa Ranking?
  117. PGL Prediction Results after wk12
  118. Iran Vs Qatar ===treeees And Flower On Jamme-jam
  119. Iran Vs Qatar Live Report
  120. The Game Is Back On..andisheh T.v Only
  121. Watch The Game:www.andisheh.tv
  122. I can't believe that Iraq is in the finals and Iran is out
  123. my apology for spaming the board..warning to my self
  124. Down Fall Of Our Champions
  125. petition time for Bibak! common sign!!
  126. From here on out....We should pull for Iraq.
  127. Revenge against Qatar Tom!!
  128. I read the article about Arash Borhani on main page
  129. The worst player of olympic Team: KHONAKDAR REZAEI
  130. Petition to bring back Bronco...Please...
  131. Iran VS South Korea (Asian Games) 3rd/4th Place [Date & Time]
  132. Yavarzadeh IN the 2nd half was the only bright spot
  133. Asian cup seeding
  134. Kohan vs Simoez ! which was better ?
  135. qatar ham vaseh ma adam shod !!
  136. iran vs korea ''WHAT IF''
  137. Akh jooon
  138. Day 2....kooshti Azad Iran..iran Going For 4 Golds Live Report
  139. Bacheha Motchakareeeem..come On Guys Support For Team Omid
  140. New low in Iranian history....Iran didnt have money to pay Qatar tv
  141. for live report iran V korea i can only hear the sound
  142. Irans player of tournament? (POT)
  143. Andranik's next game (Bolton)
  144. Another Gold for Iran
  145. My thoughts on TM and our results.
  146. Perspolisia Amadeh Shan..rooberoo Amadeh Bash
  147. the final,why we are not the one ?????
  148. Find out what really happend with Sedaa Va Simaa...thank you Naderjan!
  149. Watch Kolahkaj goal against Korea.....Nice
  150. Nekounam Just Scored
  151. Look on the Bright Side
  152. Please explaine Olympic.......
  153. Iran all time XI
  154. AFC Fines IFF for violating U-23 Rules...
  155. Could Mohajrani be our next Olympic coach?
  156. Nekonam , did what karimi could not .
  157. Bee Taroof !!!
  158. Iran Will Never Have A Nother ''ali Daie'' Ever Again
  159. Nice to see branco being remember
  160. Interesting interview from Daei
  161. Interesting article on TM Omid
  162. Simoes Leaving Iran Will Only Hurt Us
  163. gambling lines on Iranian Football League
  164. FIFA to lift ban on Iran
  165. IRIB 3 (in Iran) will show Pas - Saipa live after pp - malavan!!
  166. gooooshadi bar omad bar esteglal va esteglalies
  167. Nekounam just scorrrrrrreeeeeed!!!!!!!!! [R] and [Video]
  168. Best of All Time
  169. Perspolise Vs Malavan 2:45 Am Pacific..perspolise Rules
  170. We are only about twenty four hours away from the Continents Most Perstiges Trophy d
  171. Pas - Saipa WILL be shown live on IRIB2 right after Malavan - PP!!!!!!
  172. NEW Asian Cup seeding (?)
  173. Future Iran positions
  174. Hitzfeld rumoured to become new HSV coach
  175. Azizi Downplays Iran-FIFA Dispute
  176. Predict: the result of the Draw For Asian Cup 2007
  177. PGL Wk 14 Prediction (Deadline Dec 29)
  178. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 13 - Results
  179. PGL Prediction Results after wk 13
  180. Asian cup Draw. Iran Drawn with....
  181. Who Do U Want Play In The Second Round???
  182. Galenoieeee And Mahdavikia Voted For Cannavaroa
  183. [Asian Cup] Date,Kick-off time and stadium
  184. Hazfi Cup Sch.
  185. GN is another Kohan ...
  186. iran vs australia final of the ac2007
  187. Down goes Mayeli Goh Ann.....
  188. Team-e Meli technical staff liked Ashkan
  189. Iranian Goaltender on Philippines football team.
  190. Captain Mahdavikia: "We must accept that Iran is in a tough group"
  191. ali daie wants team melli ,denizly fault ,taryakki
  192. Keep your eyes on Ali Daei
  193. Asian Cup match schedule
  194. Asian Cup 2007 Preparations (useless fun facts)
  195. Vahid Talebloo Tm No1 Gk?
  196. Why do u want Iran to win the Asian Cup!
  197. 2007 ACL. Sepahan & Esteghal groupings
  198. Hazfi Cup results
  199. How about Sacha Gohari?
  200. good news
  201. Moghvemate Mersaade Shiraz - ESES (Hazfi cup)
  202. Naft hazfi result!!
  203. miscalculation ,karimi,farhad majeedy,leading emirate goal scorer.
  204. perspolis V sanaty kaveh result
  205. perhaps ali karimi and louise figo in the same team.
  206. this is what i saw last night and i blame islamic republic
  207. the two torments dates and madanchi spits
  208. New TM list, Dejagah Invited
  209. this team can teach team melli a lesson or two
  210. Greatest worldcup final of all time
  211. Friendship cup in Qatar. Iran under 21 group
  212. Iran vs. Spain -- Fustal
  213. (video clip) Brazilian coach of Shensa attack the ref!
  214. ايران با کره جنوبي، بلاروس و مصر همگروه شد
  215. كريمى؛ هيچ كدام، فقط الاهلى!
  216. this statistics is pointing to team melli defeat.
  217. Time and date of upcoming games?
  218. New Nekoonam interview
  219. Rah Ahan sooraakhe...so will be Esteghlal inshalla!
  220. the man with the golden feet is back where he should not be.
  221. perspolis V rah ahan .live report
  222. Perspolis ro ghataar leh kard!
  223. why does Pp Sucks so much ?
  224. December MOTM Nomination
  225. TO : karimi magic 8 - Great prediction
  226. What a stupid player?
  227. New Years Morning IPL Games
  228. Is Daei lifting everyteam he plays in to the top, or is it dasthaye poshte paarde....
  229. SS of Tehran, team of toughguys...not sissys LOL
  230. minister funeral,ali abady,pas V isfahan,aimless play,rah ahan played with 12 men.
  231. Dejagah News
  232. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 14 - Results
  233. Nekounam dancing video
  234. More diehard PP fans converting to ESES!!!!
  235. i will never exchange this goal.
  236. Estefraghiash bian...
  237. Congratulation to Daei and Saipa!
  238. Congratulations to SAIPA & DAEI
  239. Zandi joined a team in Cyprus
  240. PGL Prediction Results after wk 14
  241. Abedzadh in the hospital again
  242. PGL prediction for WK 15 (Deadline Jan 4)
  243. Daei's press conference after the game
  244. Come on Guys...Show Your Support For Dejagah
  245. teymourian finally played today
  246. Best Teams Of The Year (2006)
  247. Surprises/disappoints Of The Year 2006
  248. Worst Teams Of The Year 2006.
  249. German football press speculates on imminent Karimi transfer to UAE
  250. when is the Dubai tournment and which TM will participate?