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  1. UEFA CUP: Nekounam played 90 minutes! [R]
  2. All the records for our Legionair over the years...Thank you Karimi nr1.
  3. lol: IFF and BASIJ sending stuff for Brazilian Star KAKA
  4. Bundesliga LEGIONAIRES Update: Hashemian and Karimi...[R]
  5. reason behind camps in UAE
  6. Admiring Daei
  7. Mr.daie ,enough dictating and respect yourself
  8. Sunday ,sepahan Vs perspolis.summery of a revenge game
  9. Osasuna vs Valencia [Live report]
  10. sepahan Vs perspolis live report
  11. a part of iran football history is in hospital.he is lonely and sad.
  12. Rahman Rezaie, Nosrati, Europe
  13. it is too early to lose ali karimi
  14. Fans chanting NEKOUNAM....MUST SEE>.....lol!
  15. Teymourian WILL PLAY on Wednesday night
  16. Hash is the matchwinner
  17. [Video]: Hashemian Scores again against Dortmond!!!
  19. rahahan Vs esteqllal live report
  20. Report: Bayern Munich will not extend Karimi's contract!
  21. October MOTM Nomination
  22. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 7 - Results
  23. Memo To Esteglalies: Perspolise 3 Esteglal 1..6taya
  24. Warning to IFF we could be next
  25. PFDC reports that Hamburg will not extend Mehdis contract this year.
  26. with all due respect to my bahraini friends...this must be posted....!
  27. Perspolise Vs Pass Time, Date, And Predictions,sallavats
  28. Lets talk more about our goalkeepers. bashe?
  29. Hashemian was smart to leave Byren
  30. perspolis Vs pas live report
  31. PGL Wk 8 Prediction (Deadline Nov 2)
  32. funny thing during pp - Pas game!
  33. Oladi is not even IPL material !
  34. Kavianpour banned for 2 years!!!
  35. Ansarian officially rulled out of perspolis game.
  36. Simoes has an offer from Handuras football federation.
  37. if perspolis does not win the championship ,who's fault will be ???
  38. Where can I see Saipas goals today?
  39. Teymourian on bench against Man Utd
  40. Who saw the TM players in Switzerland. Lets share our stories and memories
  42. Meysam manei
  43. ali daie haters COME OUT WHERE EVR U ARE
  44. PGL Prediction Results after wk7
  45. Perjad Are U Persepolisie Or Esteglalie?
  46. Asia U-19 Iran Vs. Tajek today sunday
  47. Foolad Vs. Esteghlal Tehran today Sunday
  48. Osasuna Vs Atletico Bilbao [Live Report]
  49. U19: Iran vs Tajikestan [R]
  50. PGL Table after 7 weeks
  51. Time to vote NOW...
  52. ESES section , ESES fans only!!!!!
  53. Fellow Abees, let me hear you
  54. Persepolis for sale?!
  55. I have a Breaking News...in 2 days!
  56. October MOTM Award POLL
  57. PERSPOLIS be MAN GOFT................
  59. by ik rules i can not be on the ballot
  60. I Am Changeing My Prediction To 6-0 Perspolise
  61. Derby song! LOL
  62. Youth - N. Korea - Iran [R]
  63. Samad Sooraakh meeshavad....coming to theaters near you on frinday
  64. perspolis vs estaglal prediction
  65. please post the KORKORi threads of last years up again ..
  66. Bayern - Sporting Min 79, Karimi in the Game!
  68. Khak bar saremun!
  69. Persepolisis get your avatars here
  70. Why Karimi is on the bench! Just an opinion.
  71. i be out all day...MASHALLAH MASHALLAH
  72. Magath asks players (including Karimi) to cut hair
  73. can a modarator do this please???????????
  74. Karimi doesnt deserve a starting spot at Bayern at this point!
  75. [VID] Rezaei & Sadavi(?) B!t** Fighting!!
  76. i need ESES songs!!
  77. Week 8 Results..daie Had 2 More Goals
  78. Javanan national team and early exit!
  79. too much hype or what ?
  80. What time is persepolis vs. esteghlal
  81. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 8 - Results
  82. 11 hours from now the game is over..
  83. Irib Website Says Time Of The Game Is At 2:15 Pacific Time
  84. Iran Youth 2 - Japan 1
  85. Live report ESES-PP
  86. Congratulations to Persepolis
  87. ESTEGHLAL excuse thread!
  88. Heeeeeeeeeesh..saket...heeeeeesh..should I Even Start
  89. to all perspolisies
  90. Soorakh Moooooooooooooooosh
  91. Thank you Mr. Marfavi!
  92. LETS NOT POST THE SAME ISSUE over & over !!
  93. Samad Dar Beh Dar Meeshavad...coming to theaters near you...SOON!
  94. Lack of organization - This time in our BEACH FOOTBALL!
  95. ALI DAEI on TOP
  96. who saw the KABOOTAR GHERMEZ?!
  97. Persepolis' MAN OF THE MATCH
  98. are we doomed for Asian Champions League?
  99. n.korea scored in the 92nd minute...read please
  100. An important derby to remember (editorial)
  101. PGL Prediction Results after Wk 8
  102. PGL Table after week 8
  103. PGL Prediction of Wk 9 (Deadline Nov 7)
  104. Persepolis vs. Esteghlal [PHOTOS]
  105. CIA the modarator have change to perspolise
  106. Iran Vs South Korea Official Thread, Let It Begain
  107. Iran vs. South Korea - What time does it start?
  108. Iran - Korea Prediction?
  109. Congratulation MASHSAEED for becoming October MOTM
  110. بازى خداحافظى نمى خواهم Ali Daei
  111. Esteghlal Marfavi last game is Tuesday
  112. Along Along: "Akbarpour insulted me for 90 minutes and only knows & bad english word"
  113. Ivankovic finds a new job.
  114. دست* از سر دايي برداريد!
  115. Ali Daie Good Bye Game Is In Asian Cup 07
  116. official thank you thread for perspolise
  117. Babak t, is it true Jalal Talebi is becoming coach of Rahahan?
  118. Best foreign player in PGL?
  119. Mes vs Perspolise
  120. Wkk 9 Pgl Results And Standings
  121. Topp , Tank, Fesh Fesheh Daie Morabi Tm Meesheh
  122. South Korea announces their tm for next wednesday...Mostly younger players.
  123. Ali Karimi's agent confirms Bull Salzburg intrest.
  124. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 9 - Results
  125. GN: "Zandi still in the TM picture"...courtsey of ISP
  126. Once Again; No Shojaei, No Borhani.. *sighs*
  127. PGL prediction Results after wk 9
  128. List of 25 players for Korea game
  129. Mahmoud Fekri, Only in Iran!
  130. PGL Wk 9 Prediction (Deadline November 21)
  131. I am very happy that Ali badavi is back on TM.
  132. Memo To Galenoee..win Or U Are Fired
  133. Mashahd Has 3 Players In Team Melli..wow
  134. Shojaieee Is Not A Tm Meterial
  135. very interesting article
  136. Siyavasheh Akbarpour To Teameh Melli Iran?
  137. Vasseh Pi***** Iran Bar Koreh Sallavat
  138. So Ali Karimi starts the game
  139. Why should Iranian football fans should pay for this?
  141. Along Along to Team Melli?
  142. IPL vs TM which is more importent for our football ?
  143. Nima Nakisa
  144. Iran Vs. Korea republic ( Date & Time )
  145. [Interview] Gohari the Iranian youngster of Hamburg, lesson for our youngsters
  146. Hassan Roudbarian Aka Roudi
  147. [PICS] TM Training.. :)
  148. Good old picture
  149. Good old Persepolis - 1972/1973
  150. Ali Parvin To Save Iran's Football
  151. Dadkan Resigns, and Iran's Football moves 7 steps back.
  152. Breaking news:Mehdi Mahdavikia injured, wont come to Korea game!
  153. Persepolis (U-23) vs. Esteghlal (U-23) [R]
  154. Hannover Striker Vahid Hashemian Ripps into Iran football structure.
  155. No visa for Afshin Qotbi
  156. كريمي و تيموريان به اردوي تيم ملي پيوستند
  157. iran is undeafeated with sallavats....SALLAVAT
  158. تصور مي*كنم اين فصل آخرين فصل حضورم در باي
  159. Lets petition Zandi back to TM
  160. hype or not , this game will matter becaue ?
  161. North Korea New U-19 Champions..nice
  162. Iran Chiekaresh miekoneh.....
  163. Afshin Qotbi visa problem solved
  164. Jahan Football reports: "Ali Karimi May return to Perspolis"
  165. وقتى نكونام را مقابل رئال مادريد ديديم
  166. Persian Gulf League LOGO selected
  167. On the day before Korea game, this goea out to nader jaan, Bagher ali and Kaveh jaan!
  168. Borhani strikes take Al Nasr into top spot in FA Cup
  169. ايران و كره ؛ پس از سه دهه در تهران
  170. latest TM pics...Thank you PFDC.
  171. بکن* باوئر: کريمى* در حد کلاس* جهانى* نيستR
  172. Fajr Vs. Zob Ahan (Week 5) [R]
  173. كربكندى :هيچ تحولى در اين تيم ملى نمى بينم
  174. Koreans might have some problems!
  175. esteglal haya kun..iran o raha kun
  176. we will eat korea like korean BBQ
  177. Iran has the upper hand
  178. Roudbarian Haya Kun Tm Roo Raha Kun
  179. tabrik .....bacheha mottshakerim
  180. we played bad and still we WON
  181. TM in control of Mashaadian.....WOW!
  182. Let's respect Enayati for proving what he said.
  183. Only happen in Iran, vow!
  184. Do you continue to support GN for Asian Cups?
  185. Karimi looked FAT or what
  186. The Anouncer Was Yelling????????
  187. How many of you are actually happy with today's result ?
  188. pics from the game-korean fans are really awesome
  189. Asian Cup 2007 - Best group for TM?
  190. Iran - Korea [Player Ratings]
  191. anywhere I can download iran vs korea game?
  192. Some One Stole ''mahmood Fekeri'' Jump Suit And 1300 Cash
  193. The difference between Korea and us
  194. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerspolise
  195. 400 min goal na khordim, 5 month without a lose!,Galenoui: Brezil ram tare fekshar mi
  196. GN ,DOROGH NAGO we PLAYED korean OMID team
  197. GN, I appreciate what you have done for TM, but tell the truth about Kaabi!
  198. Persianfootball.com & vivaitalia report: GN Khar Khodeti!
  199. How can you people be like this?
  200. Congrats to every one...
  201. BIGGEST JOKE EVER: AFC player of the year Nominees (Thank you Mr. Bin Hammal)
  202. Count Down To Asian Games
  203. Karimi on planetfootball
  204. Iran vs. Korea video
  205. Yet another genius idea by retards at AFC
  206. Watch this and tell me if Mirza is still a poor goalkeeper!
  207. AFC player of the nominees
  208. Iran should join European league
  209. [PICS] Iran Vs. S.Korea
  210. Hashemian says it like it is (real man)
  211. The one and only Khodadad Azizi
  212. Teymourian, Hashemian & Nekounam Comment About Their Clubs.. :)
  213. [PICS] Zandi in New Team.. :)
  214. Dejagah assisted [R]...DEJAGAH 4 Team-e-Melli!!!
  215. Iran Vs Brazil Prediction Please
  216. Roooooooberooooooo Amadeeeeeeeh Baaaaaash
  217. Iran Vs Somalia in Azadi
  218. Who Would U Pick For Team Melli Omid Iran..3 Over 23
  219. IRIB2 Nov15 [VIDEO]
  220. Attractive Iranian Football under The General
  221. Welcome Party for "Sanat Naft Abadan"
  222. Shapourzadeh scores twice for Hansa vs Karlsruhe [R]
  223. نکونام: اگر بين* 10 بازيکن*برتر آسيا بودم* ف&#
  224. [PICS] A Few Shots of Pas Training
  225. future belongs to those who plan for it
  226. Forgotten hero ( how sad)
  227. IPL (Persian Gulf Cup) Week 10 - Results
  228. perspolise is on the right track.. GHERMAZATEH
  229. Rah Ahan Vs. Bahrain U-23 (friendly Game) [R]
  230. God Punish Mahdavi Kia Today
  231. lets wish Mahdavikia a speedy recovery
  232. [NOV'06] Lastest FIFA & ELO Rankings
  233. Gholam Peyrovani, The servant of Iranian Football
  234. IPL Prediction Wk 11 (Deadline Nov 30)
  235. Galenoooieeeee Motchakareeeeeeeeeeem
  236. perspolise vs cameroon cancel..MUST READ FUNNY STUFF
  237. FIFA Bans IRAN football
  238. FIFA Haya Kon Football ro raha kon!!
  239. Iran U-23 Vs. Bahrain U-23 [R]
  240. ik needs to respond to fifa and iff..UNITY UNITY
  241. تعليق فوتبال ايران را سياسي نكنيم
  242. Changes within 24-48 hours
  243. Official Petition To Iriff....
  244. Official Pettition To Fifa
  245. this is what happens when GOVEs(cows) run the show
  246. Bundesliga Round 14 [R]
  247. Hashemian Goal Gives Hannover Three Points
  248. contact@fifa.org
  249. The Ban On The Asian Games Has Been Lifted???????
  250. Breaking News > AFC Last Minute Proposal