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  1. Amir G ...Change your staff ..NOW
  2. neither Quom nor Kashan.curse be upon both of them.
  3. Arie Haan to become Cameroons new Head coach
  4. mostafavi Haya kon , IFF ro raha kon
  5. Bolton deal almost concluded
  6. Perspolis vs. Foolad [ R ]
  7. Amir Ghalenoie: 3 games away from being fired
  8. what happened to borhani?
  9. We leave Borhani off the team and bring a proven CANCER to TM....READ!
  10. Mr .Amirabadi Zandi deserves to be in TM
  11. iran vs. australia
  12. EDITORIAL - I will give Amir Ghalenoei time - 19 MORE DAYS!
  13. Madanchi haters, did you see what a vital role this guy can play?
  14. Korea vs Iran game time ?
  15. OUR AZADI استادیوم picture..
  16. Syria Hilites and Reactions
  17. Which European league best suits our players?
  18. islamic republic team melli will not qualify and blames goes to Branco
  19. Iran, Ghalenoi, Branko and Daei
  20. Professionalism: Lesson 1
  21. why IFF do not want to play Oman freindly
  22. 25 players called up for TM for Korea game
  23. Dorood az Tehran -The wake up call that we...
  24. returning favors in TM
  25. Thread of the Month(TOTM)Nominations
  26. Bayern V BARCA in Niu Camp - Will Karimi play?
  27. Masoud Shojaee Severly injures knee!
  28. Iran vs S.Korea predictions
  29. Time/Date of Korea
  30. Post your lineup for Korea match
  31. Anyone in Chicago...I need help
  32. i need songs about iranian footbolls team or iranian legends on farsi?????
  33. I Am Ashamed..
  34. Who Knew This About Hashemian?!!
  35. Abedzadeh
  36. U think we wil ever find another Iranian Forward who can do this?
  37. Hamburg goes through
  38. MUST READ: Dadkan interview
  39. Antalyaspor Vs. Mes Karman (friendly game) [R]
  40. Ankaradamir Vs. Esteghlal (Friendly game) [R]
  41. Karimi in action VS Barca (picture)
  42. who would be your keeper for the Korea game?
  43. Iran international friendlies October 2006
  44. Who is your #1 TM Player?
  45. Best GK For TM?
  46. Korea getting owned!!
  47. The Brave Ghalenoei
  48. My Iran-Syria videos.
  49. nkonam biggest mistake , karimi go back and......
  50. GN: All Legionnaires Will Be Present!
  51. Perspolis Against AC Milan & Arsenal?!
  52. Hashemian hints at retirment from TM after the Korea/syria game
  53. Ivancovic's first three games. Ghalenoei's first three games. Compare them, sir.
  54. Professionalism: Lesson no. 2
  55. captian majeedy and a goalkeeper that no team wants
  56. Mr & Miss IK of the Month (MMOM) Nominations!
  57. Interview with fomer Begovich
  58. the pride of 2002 and the jinx of 2006
  59. Bayern v Barcelona highlights
  60. Thread of the Month (TOTM) TIME TO VOTE!
  61. nothing new !! it has been always like this
  62. August MOTM Nomination
  63. Vote for andranik teymourian to join bolton
  64. Danny Kaabi- "We will beat Korea!"
  65. the left wing combo is good new for GN
  66. a HOME game
  67. Iran-Korea Predictions..
  68. AFC Clears Hashemian's Rumour..
  69. iran - korea.useless/usefull information.bad omen is the year of the dog
  70. Who should kick the PK's
  71. İzmir (Turkey) Vs. Paykan (Friendly game) [R]
  72. Varzesh 2: A. Ghalenoei as guest (25.08.2006)
  73. Bohrani
  74. Live telecast of TM's "namaz Jamaat"
  75. rasool khatibi scor both goals
  76. team melli played a friendly on satuarday and delyed departure
  78. Once upon a time in Abadan!
  79. This is truley the very 1st step in expanding and strengthening our football...WOW...
  80. I've been out of the loop for a while. How is TM doing with their new coach in WAFF?
  81. Mehrdad Pouladin shows up at TM practice thinking he is on the list..ha ha ha...Funny
  82. Hannover loses again, bayern draws
  83. نيكبخت دردسرساز شد قلعه نويى: برخورد مى كن
  84. what to do???it is getting more confusing
  85. the cheating goes on. fight among players.the 20%
  86. the only way to defeat korea
  87. Shapourzadeh scored today !!!
  88. What should Karimi do?
  89. Mehrdad Oladi back in perspolis
  90. Are you Club or NT player?
  91. AFC U-17 Championship 2006 - Singapore
  92. Iran issues complaint against Ivankovic to FIFA
  93. Karimi do or Die?
  94. Syria is asking for Iran game to be played in HALB...Cheating by ARABS Again!
  95. 10 new stadiums with 15000 capacity
  96. Majidi talks about Daei....his smart
  97. Saba Battries No. 10 will be retired forever
  98. Zandi to join Stuttgart!!!!
  99. according to arabs , he is iran zaidan and second ali karimi
  100. Can somone give me the sites from which you can see the Iran-korea game please
  101. Grass Rolling at its finest.
  102. Rahmans move to Livorno is official!
  103. Teymourian
  104. headlines....(فارسی
  105. team melli will attack with 3 forwards
  106. TM leaves for Korea...(pics)
  107. Lebanon is ready
  108. Pick the top 3 in IPL this season!
  109. Korean Missing Players for the match against Iran
  110. it is unbelievable , an irani player scores from penalty kick???!!!!gun player
  111. whats goin on with branko?
  112. Great minds in charge of IFF and Tarbyat Badni
  113. U heard it here 1st, I give Mayeli-Akhoond 6-7 games and he is fired!
  114. Mehdi's biggest fan....Thank you ISP
  115. Bah Bah...Moshaaver-e Fani TM stays in Iran to take care of his own financial issues!
  116. Tired Iran Face Tough Nine Days - an article from goal.com
  117. Peter Neururer of Hanover 96 SACKED!!!
  118. 22-Man Squad For Seoul
  119. 3 days...
  120. TM hires new assistant coach......
  121. Iran-Korea time
  122. Who Will Win?
  123. THis match is more important than we think
  124. where can i watch the match in D.C.?
  125. Congrads To Amir Jan..!
  126. Nader interviews Mohammad MayeliKohan!
  127. The REAL congratulations Kaiser Amir thread for winning TOTM
  128. بوقچي قديمي پرسپوليس خواستار برگزاري باز
  129. what if ali daie scores.the legionnaires and the team melli strength.
  130. August FIFA Ranking
  131. Iran in Seoul [PICS]
  132. Iran vs Syria Game
  133. IPL Prediction
  134. IRIB2 broadcast Iran vs Korea?
  135. Tomorrow's big match
  136. Pre-season freindly (ESES - Saipa)
  137. 3--6--1 is our formation for Korea game
  138. Iran-Korea broadcast in DC restaurants
  139. Arabs from al wasl want to sign Zandi LOL
  140. SS plaeyrs should LEAVE the TEAM and ...
  141. Karimi IS the key to Iran's victory ..
  142. Injury-Free Koreans delight Coach of Korea!
  143. The biggest loss - They have killed HOPE...
  144. OK, Support the team, post formation and post result!
  145. Read and Enjoy Ostad Laroudi's piece: No. 10 !!!
  146. perspolis players score for esteqllal and daie fails.
  147. Korea vs. Iran COMMENTS, THOUGHTS and ANALYISIS Thread!
  148. Full game for download?
  149. Iran vs. Korea - Player Rankings
  150. NEW and OLD members, watch this before posting in the future!
  151. Back to Ivankovic's team...
  152. Pictures: Iran vs. Korea
  153. Last gasp Hashemian earns Iran draw! (football asia article)
  154. Two games, two goals conceded from set-pieces
  155. Video Of Goals, Plz
  156. Iran WILL qualify for Asian Cup 2008
  157. Pictures: Iran vs. South Korea (2)
  158. Coaches comments after the game
  159. Hashemian
  160. Excellent match report by Iran-Varzeshi - Worth reading
  161. SYRIA Vs. IRAN
  162. Lets Say Thank You To Korea!
  163. August MOTM Award POLL
  164. Anyone know if there will be online streaming of games?
  165. I wasnt totally wrong...
  166. Galenoeis contract??
  167. why so much joy??only the result was good
  168. What's going on with TM's shirts?
  169. the syrian game plan
  170. 32minut yemen under youth 0-1 iran
  171. Who else did'nt see the Korean goal when watching the game ?
  172. Qalenoii, Branko and Iran's future
  173. why some of you are bunch of hypocrit
  174. Best/Worst Iranian against Korea
  175. Unity
  176. وقتى سقف آرزوها كوتاه مى شود
  177. Perspolis Vs. Zob Ahan (friendly game) [R]
  178. zandy the victim of racism in islamic republic and germny
  179. farhad majeedy coach speaks against team melli
  180. Iran-Syria Prediction?
  181. Post your formation for Syria game
  182. who the hell is syria????just watch karimi creating magic
  183. Why English Commentators are a bit kookoo. :p :p
  184. IPL Prediction Wk 1 (Deadline september 9)
  185. this is not branco ((run away)) team.this is team melli
  186. Another Iranian Masterpiece. Iran loses to Tajikestan...lol!
  187. Persian Stars V.S South Korea...Video
  188. Iran in Syria [PICS]
  189. Iran's starting 11 against Syria announced - No Kaabi again, Enayati is back
  190. no more legionnaires if.......korea and syria u.17 goal festival
  191. Any Enayati fans out there anymore?
  192. It looks like TM finaly found the right coach!
  193. Syria vs. Iran COMMENTS, THOUGHTS and ANALYSIS Thread
  194. Where can I find the video clips for syria v.TM
  195. ببخشيد كه به جا نياورديم
  196. از تهران تا دمشق
  197. A crucial game won in style - Thumbs up to Ghalenoei
  198. Reza Enayati = The man whose DEAD BODY would have scored versus Mexico!
  199. Pictures of the Syria vs IRan game?
  200. Good halftime adjustments by ghalenoyee
  201. Automatic starters
  202. Lessons to learn from our recent games - Ideal formation
  203. Amir 2 DAhaneh hameh Critica-sh ZADEH.
  204. 2 best fowards...Nikbakht and Hashemian???
  205. Breaking News:Teymourian to Make Bolton Debut on Saturday
  206. Ali Daie plays football with Gandy..ooops, I meant Andy!
  207. I know people will KILL me for this...but, we need a top notch coach for Asian games!
  208. Aboumoslems Najerian player marries an iranian and becomes muslim.
  209. Azadegan League (Division 1) 2006 - 2007 thread
  210. Borhani and Shojaee
  211. Enayati was beaten unconcious by a Syrian Securaty Guard
  212. where are the nosrati bashers now eyh?
  213. Why so Many threads with ....
  214. what is haram and what is eib in team melli
  215. Zandi Signs 1 Year Contract With..
  216. kabi ,why is he not being used ?
  217. Too Many Midfielders?
  218. Congratulation footballdxb for becoming August MOTM
  219. TEYMOURIAN today!!!
  220. asian games football draw - iran in supereasy group
  221. read Naderjan's newest interview
  222. IPL games today --
  223. IPL Week 1 Up Dates
  224. IPL Week 1 - Results
  225. How many of you would support Denizli as TM coach for Asian Games?
  226. the only way iran will NOT qualify
  227. TM Friendlies
  228. Nekounam made his debut for Osasuna vs. Barcelona!
  229. Professionalism: Lesson no. 3
  230. Ali Daie,neither captain nor scored.why is he doing it???
  231. Ali karimi did not play.i switched off the game.
  232. Iran will not win the Asia Cup. Iran will win the Asia Cup.
  233. Interesting article
  234. IPL Prediction after week 1
  235. Kavianpour for TM?
  236. Thank you Ali Daei
  237. since branco,daie no more,resurgence of iran football with thanks to ghaleh noie
  238. why not laugh at beckenbaur or hashemian???
  239. Press and fans critisize Mahdavikia!
  240. The best goal scorers in the world ( in the month of August 2006)
  241. Mahdavikia’s Future with Hamburg in Doubt
  242. he must pay too much tax
  243. what is the time of PP-Sepahan tommorow??
  244. A Promissing Goalkeeper is born from the U-17 team.
  245. IPL Prediction Wk 2 (Daedline September 15)
  246. Mehdi kicked off HSV's Roster for the Arsenal game!
  247. Hadaf Al Taa'dol Fil Vaght-al Gaatel...Must see..ha ha ha!
  248. Mehdi dooset darim...Mehdi Dooset darim..mehdi dooset darim...come on people!
  249. Kia and Karimi should not worry! YOU HAVE EERNIT!
  250. Perspolis- Sepahan- HAzfi Cup Final Leg 1 (R)