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  1. H. Kaabi among 50 most wanted...
  2. ladies and Gentelmen, meet Zandis Girl firnd...eat your heart out! Thanks to ISP
  3. What Materazzi said to Zidan....
  4. I have been wanting to ask this ever since the wc ended.
  5. Iranians Salute The General
  6. TM Selection
  7. With Daie & Yahya gone, who would you like to see in their place?
  8. Complete TM coaching staff official
  9. Mirza:" Some players wouldnt even say hello to bronco"
  10. When is the new TM list due?
  11. 2010 WC, Iran might not even qualifiy...
  12. New Formation?
  13. Why isn't anyone asking for Afshin Ghotbi now?
  14. First Coach
  15. Spartak Moscow's coach: "We have signed an iranian defender"
  16. Marvafi is the new Esteghlal head coach (Ghalenoei out)
  17. 40 invited to TM camp..
  18. Galenoie makes one thing clear with his new List!
  19. Ghalenoei hates international players.
  20. ghalenoii speaks about his selection
  21. Happy Birthday Vahid Hashemian!
  22. IRAN Super Futsal League 2006 Thread
  23. Why Several Esteghlali Players in Team Melli
  24. Kaiser Amir's VIDEOS from GERMANY
  25. A traitor gets invited...
  26. PP head to Vienna today
  27. Excellent article regarding TM coaching team
  28. TM to play friendly before Syria...
  29. According to Mehr Baghri says NO to TM
  30. Petition for Zandi (Thank you letter)
  31. TV Coverage of Perspolis-Lazio?
  32. Cheraghpour says No to TM job and speaks out
  33. Hat Trick for the Helicopter
  34. Mahdavikia does it again! Another goal!
  35. Rohaaneeyat goes wild over TM....lol.
  36. Fifa Beach Soccer Error ? Or Am I Just Crazy...
  37. Perspolis Vs. lazio [R]
  38. Question?
  39. a video...
  40. Some notes about our current TM trainings...PICS
  41. Iran to play one of these teams, Kuwait, UAE or Jordan!
  42. Arie Haan Shows interest in Ali Daie!
  43. Iran-Syria....who would be your Captain?
  44. Who watched Iran-Germany from 2004 last night?
  45. wow....TM's state of the art physical training room!
  46. Help Iran-Angola
  47. About Dejagah and Shapourzadeh's citizenship
  48. In preparation for Iran, Syria play Iraq August 1
  49. Zandi specks to Iran-Varzshi
  50. Bakhtiarizadeh leaving TM too...what is going on?
  51. Aboo Moslem interested in Daei
  52. Shojaei to Al Sharjeh
  53. Why Arash Borhani is not invited to the Team Melli camp?
  54. Kaabi signs with....
  55. My sources tell me Bakhtiarizadeh, Mirza and Bagheri left TM due to problems with....
  56. Persepolise - Wigan Athletics Result
  57. July MOTM Nomination
  58. New Pictures of Team Melli (July 25)
  59. Kaebi leaving Team Melli. . . or is he?
  60. Alavi gets invited to Team Melli
  61. Puma Sues IFF
  62. It is unexcusable to have Ebrahimi in TM!!
  63. Why TM is practicing at all?
  64. Ghalenoyee's 40 man selection better have been a formality!! (im mad already)
  65. Nader Dooset darim...Nader Dooset darim...Nader Dooset darim!
  66. Vaezi was the player who had used illegal drugs.
  67. Lazio interested in Nikbakht and Kazemian!
  68. Iran football is shreding into pieces
  69. Taymourian signs with BOLTON!
  70. Updated news on Rezaei moving to Livorno.
  71. News: Kaebi and Mirzapour have NOT quit the team!
  72. with Ghalenoyee's 3 man defense, who should be our Sweeper?
  73. perpolis friendly results
  74. Zandi plays with Micheal Schumacher. If you know what I mean... ;) ;) ;)
  75. who has Gol TV? Dejagah vs. Mahdavikia this Saturday
  76. A Suggestion To Solve Iff/our Football Problems
  77. Relax ,,give these guys a chance
  78. First Step Forward, FIFA to Supervise IFF Election
  79. Mahdavikia Vs Nekounam in Champions League qualifer!
  80. Nekounam arrives in Pamplona!!!
  81. Italian TV: Rahman Rezaei To Parma!
  82. Arsenal playing Perspolis?
  83. Ali Daie to Zob Ahan for 700,000 tomaan!
  84. Teymourian wins “Christian star of the World Cup”
  85. Kazemian strip kard va.............. shod!
  86. esteglal gheryeh nakun..serbia hame 6tayee shood
  87. Perspolis Coming to Canada
  88. July MOTM Award POLL
  89. Ali Karimi kicking Rasoul Khatibi where sun dont shine!!!!
  90. Vaezi gets 6 month ban due to using illegal stuff!
  91. Reason for FAZELI's misterious mission in TM revealed
  92. Nekounam in action [pics]
  93. Ali Daei & Rah Ahan reaching an agreement in 48 hours(?)
  94. TM friendly this Wednesday with...
  95. Bayern lose 1-0 in Japan - Karimi's performance
  96. Video clip about team melli (translated)
  97. Ali Karimi & Rahman Rezaei & Javad Nekonam might .....
  98. Missing Dates of A Calendar!
  99. What major changes would u make as team melli coach?
  100. Sepahan Beh Mane Gooft????
  101. Karimi's Bayern.tomorrow live on
  102. TM please hire Mustafa Denizlil.....WOW HIS DAUGHTER IS HOT
  103. CLIP Arab Grass Rolling At its Best...
  104. Iran, a nation of back stabbers?
  105. Daei to Saipa
  106. Breaking News: Yes My Hard Work Paid Off
  107. Khakpour: Send our Coaches abroad, our football isn't Proffesional!
  108. The Argentina 78 TM players, where are they now?
  109. Team Melli vs. Rah ahan, 5PM tehran time TODAY
  110. any update on bracNO , where is he ?
  111. Are Karimi, ........ getting suspended?
  112. TM vs Rah Ahan [R]
  113. ملي فوتبال ايران عصر روز چهارشنبه در نخست¡
  114. Congratulation Jashar for becoming July MOTM
  115. Mojtaba Jabari joins Perspolis
  116. Borhani: " I want to be TM's key striker"
  117. Reza Enayati has got to be the ugliest TM player EVER...look for youself!
  118. Short and sweet about Haan and Perspolis....Thanks to Footballmedia.net
  119. Ali Alizadeh joins
  120. Kazemian in a terrible car accident
  121. KAzmian joins AL-SHAAB of UAE
  122. What happend to Ando Teymourian and his trial with Bolton??
  123. If you were playing in IPL....
  124. lets remember the king the way he deserves to be remembered....We love You Ali Daie..
  125. Kazemian: " I left PP cause I knew if I would eventually have problems with Haan"
  126. ha ha ha ..now, not even Arab teams want to play us
  127. Iranians! Are you Central Asian?
  128. Soccer Documentary Iran
  129. An Outlook: AFC Asian Cup 2007
  130. Best TM Formation
  131. 90 Minute Display for Mahdavikia; HSV Defeat AS Roma
  132. Syrian national team news (related To IRAN)
  133. remember to watch Iran UAE this thuesday
  134. Takehito Soma vs Ali Karimi
  135. How much longer should wait...
  136. esteghlal training pictures
  137. VERY interesting interview with Javad Kazemian! ~must read~
  138. Madanchi ''is A Traitor''
  139. Magath pleased with Bayerns attacking moves in the first half
  140. Iran UAE game time changed
  141. Bayern Vs. Bremen Liga Pokal Final (torrent download)
  142. Vaezi 6 month Ban
  143. Persepolis vs Arsenal??
  144. Off to My First Coaching Class!
  145. Does Anybody Know This Gifted Youngster?
  146. Is there TV coverage of the UAE game?
  147. I am ashamed as a perspolis fan, this management is faulty once again
  148. Kazemian caught in a lie in the court lol
  149. Do you still support KARIMI?
  150. TM Jersey. REALLY WEIRD!!!!
  151. TM players in UAE league...
  152. Sombody needs to find a way to inject some life into TM!
  153. An Iranian officiated the HSV-Ac Rome game
  154. rate the players performances....
  155. PICTURES of IRAN vs. UAE
  156. Iran vs. UAE [R]
  157. Mahdavikia VS Nekounam
  158. just give them to arabs
  159. How refreshing was it to see some one else play for TM ?
  160. petition: ban majidi from tram melli
  161. Galenoie: "Other than Ali Karimi, all other foreign based players will play"
  162. jahan-E Football:"Maybe Bronco wasnt so wrong about Mobali,Kazemian & Akbarpur"
  163. Perspolis Vs. Esteghlal Ahvaz [R]
  164. Esteghlal Vs. Kovsar Tehran [R]
  165. IPL Game Schedule???
  166. VIDEO: Hamburg - Osasuna FULL GAME
  167. The Beginning of a Talent Loss Disaster
  168. Injured Karimi wont play against dortmund on Friday
  169. the second half problem with syria
  170. Interview with NADER JAHANFARD
  171. Interview with KAVEH MAHJOOB
  172. Ari Han No More!!!!
  173. Persepolis Filing Charges Against Kazemian
  174. Eskandarian scores against Real Madrid in friendly
  175. Is it in Perspolis and Esteghlal's best interests to be run by gov't?
  176. Mostafa Dinizliy or OMAR to take charge of Perspolis
  177. No, Mr. Galanoe no excuse already
  178. what to do with number 10
  179. Was Branko Ivankovic a Poor Coach?
  180. Half Million Dollar fine for IRIFF
  181. Iran & Syria game
  182. ISNA interview with Afshin Qotbi (long)
  183. Lol @ "ir" Iff
  184. IPL is now PGFL
  185. stars v line up.kayhan v irankicks.enayaty v branco.national anthem v players hand
  186. Iran In Danger Of $520,000 Fine For Sponsorship Violation
  187. About Ari han and Mohseni
  188. Karimi Videos (Magic, Miracle)Need it PLZ
  189. Hashemian scores GoaLLLLLLLLLLL
  190. if he does not play is better
  191. No Karimi or Hashemian against Syria
  192. Iran-Syria predictions
  193. Daei's mad face *scary*
  194. this coach will not last long
  195. Syria with out seven starters
  196. 8 players crossed from TM as we approach the Syria Game
  197. عنايتي: شماره 9 تيم ملي متعلق به هاشميان است
  198. مهدي مناجاتي:بعضي ها ارزش پيراهن تيم ملي ر
  199. Are we in right direction?
  200. Syrian coach: " Daie is old and whether he played or not makes no difference"
  201. Perspolis close to signing Denizli!
  202. 23 man roster released
  203. IRAN Vs. SYRIA
  204. skipper in Britain but captain in Iran
  205. Any News on our Puma Jerseys?
  206. syrian coach says;iran is nothing.i say smoke hubble bublle.....
  207. the list of 23 players of TM is out
  208. How is he?????????????
  209. Iran-Syria TV channel thread
  210. Team Melli Training [PICS]
  211. Begovich's interview[Must read]
  212. What is wrong with this statement? Can you spot it?
  213. How many Goals has vahid scored in all his years in Germany?
  214. 11 Man Squad for Syria Game
  215. What Do you think the score is gonna be between iran vs syira
  216. too much good Rezaie not playing
  217. Mammad Sotton picked as assistant to Simunos
  218. Any report on Iran vs Syria?
  219. who do we blame now? Daie? opps
  220. Amir Ghalenoei is the worst coach in all of Iran's Football History
  221. Todays game
  222. Where are those Enayati's fan
  223. Boy, Branco is laughing hard
  224. This TM is just a pure JUNK !
  225. Iran vs Syria [PICS]
  226. what a wishfull thinking before the game?
  227. Team Melli player ratings in Syria game
  228. Ivankovic's results: Iran 7 Syria 1 - Iran 4 Syria 1
  229. Sink Or Swim Amir Jaan....!
  230. It was ALI DAEI's fault...Its was Ivankovic's fault...
  231. So, why wasnt Majidi there today?
  232. Mark these words: In two years we will CRY after Branko!
  233. As Usualllllllll we jump in and make assumptions !!
  234. Playes from today game
  235. Please Be Patient! Give Him A Chance After One Game!
  236. Let the games begin...Mostafavi:"GN's tachtics are outdated"
  237. can we quilify for asian cup with these horrible players??
  238. Do any of you knwo anything about 'Mehdi Amir"
  239. Lets not forget a couple things.....
  240. how about bringing Simoes?
  241. Main problems with Iran-Syria
  242. Going from 4-4-2 to 3-5-2 is suicide
  243. Fellow Soccer gurus...how can we stand against powers?
  244. This is what some of our idiot fans were doing instead of supporting TM....
  245. Teymourian
  246. Lol funny but very true
  247. Last friendly under Branko Ivancovic....
  248. It is official Mostafa Denizle signed one year deal with Perspolis
  249. Man stop crying!!!
  250. Did you like the subs????