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  1. TM World Cup ranking
  2. Support Bronco Thread....
  3. Bronco finally admitts that there was problems in the team!
  4. Ali Karimi: IF I am guilty, I will say goodbye to TM for ever!
  5. can Iran make the next the WC ?
  6. Branko haya kon TM ro raha kon
  7. more Angola fans or Iranians?
  8. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 7
  9. asia..........just go home!
  10. Iran Tied USA by taking 25th place at WC
  11. Bunch of B.S. Who wants NekuNam!!! Common!!!
  12. Reality check
  13. Time to send a loud and clear THANK YOU to our ARMANI hamvatans.
  14. when does iran arrive to tehran?
  15. offers?
  16. My response to the 45 minute Syndrome
  17. Spiegel (Germany): Football Trumps Politics
  18. Ball Interception Stat
  19. Video - Team Melli Interview
  20. IK EXCLUSIVE - Photos and story from Team Melli's hotel and departure from Germany
  21. The Root Cause of TM's Inability
  22. only half team melli is returning
  23. Aliabadi is horrible! be careful!
  24. IRIB 3 Sport Show - TRASHES Daei !!! or is it - Revealing Daei -
  25. Well, Back To Our Normal Schedule ...
  26. Next goal for TM
  27. Daniel Karbassiyoon - ARSENAL LEFT BACK IS IRANIAN!!!
  28. Ali Karimi: " Bronco wasnt much of a coach"
  29. TM's fan favorite
  30. you want to meet daie go to las vegas
  31. What I held back on expressing...
  32. Iranian TALENT
  33. We got what we paid for with branko!
  34. Daadkans open letter to IFF and people as he says goodbye to IFF.
  35. Kaiser Amir - I disagree with your post!!!!
  36. Is this true?
  37. mayelikohan interviewed
  38. Blaming everyone, not accepting the truth?
  39. Portugal - Netherlands - Iran
  40. World Cup Analysis (First Round)- Editorial... (Long read, but woudl appreciate Input
  41. quit the bashing of our fans, not all iranians are alike
  42. i emailed Khabare Varzeshi and they gave me the picture of......
  43. Disgraceful behaviour by Team Melli players.
  44. Kumars Hashemi temporarily replaced Dadkan
  45. June MOTM Nomination
  46. IFF has to explain about DADKHAN!!!
  47. علی کریمی: مردم فرصت جبران بدهند ، تلافی می
  48. PART 2 - IK Exclusive World Cup photos - Team Melli's camp, Sexy girl, plus more...
  49. the cheapst product and the best defence of team melli
  50. Can dadkan be a good cab driver?
  51. Zandi speaks out
  52. Iran- Angola showed Madanchi is not a defender
  53. Let's Learn From Bruce Arena, The US Coach;
  54. TM World Cup MVP: Picture Says it All
  55. Mistakes that Branco made! (Zandi+Karimi)
  56. يک تيم داريم قلقليه
  57. 25 players invited to olympic team.
  58. Hashemian supporting Branko?
  59. Now Madanchi speaks out..." Some of the players didnt respect bronco"
  60. Any offers after Wc?
  61. Please, enough talks about team melli failure. Let look forward future.
  62. Listen to players interviews as they come into Mehrabad. You be the judge.
  63. Mohamad Mayeli Kohan lets Daie have it on national TV. You be the judge!
  64. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 8 (Quarterfinals)
  65. things that makes you go ooooouuuuum
  66. We are all rididulous (TM future)
  67. Nikbakht joined Perspolis( 2 year contract)
  68. My reply to Bache Jordan: Why we finished the way we did
  69. daie in las vegas ???
  70. Andranik Eskandarian
  71. Mostafa Denizli: " I would love to be Iran coach"
  72. another scared tactics by islamic republic
  73. Komeyseeyoon-e Farhangi Majles renders rulling regarding TM's poor showing in the WC!
  74. I would appreciate your feedback on these thoughts
  75. We need help in defense
  76. Did our football deserve this ?
  77. I have lost every respect I had for players? help me get it back..
  78. Time For Iranian Headcoach
  79. what I also believe our problem was in WC!
  80. The I am over it thread....
  81. !!! TOP TEN LIST of things I learned during the WC !!!
  82. who is this guy???
  83. AFC: TeymourianÄs performance rakes in the offers
  84. fifa ranking:usa 5! mexico 4!
  85. I really think this is Irans next star.
  86. TM Future (line up) thoughts
  87. June MOTM Award POLL
  88. you lose 3,you lose all.
  89. the team that played for nobody
  90. What dates should we be looking forward to next?
  91. Future Matches calendar up and running again
  92. should our tm be made of atleast %70 of IPL players
  93. as if i was the only no good player
  94. Funny Picture
  95. Arie Haan moves to UAE
  96. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 9 (Semi Finals)
  97. Must read interview by Hashemian. Some players cant control their eating and are fat.
  98. دروازه بان آنگولا در اصفهان
  99. teame Omid friendlies in Brazil canceled
  100. Worldcup is over, Beckham at 31 quits as CAPTAIN!
  101. no support for losers,the story of 7 million,bin hamam,the arab referee.
  102. Peter Velappan speaks up...
  103. question about Kaveh's "Agony of Defeat" article
  104. Perspolis line up for upcoming IPL season
  105. jealous, no club daie,branco vacation,arabs more brain than iff,branco UAE...........
  106. Govt. interference in football
  107. heshmat ohajerany and why not
  108. When The Captain Is Not a "Team-Player"
  109. Rezaei Wanted In Italy!!!
  110. these boots are gonneh,lorestan,karimi and blame it on 3
  111. Teymourian will join Bolton
  112. Advice for Captain Daei
  113. Next IPL start and finish dates
  114. Are we ready to take risks during Asian Cup of Nations?
  115. what happend to 3 bilion Toman for TM?
  116. I contatcted BOLTON WANDERERS, and they REPLIED !!!
  117. AP: Osasuna signs Iran's Nekounam
  118. Nekunam Signs 3 Year Contract!
  119. LA Galaxy denies offer to Daei
  120. Where are the rest of our players going?
  121. Ali Karimi visits Khaneh Saalmandan....enjoy and thank you to PFDC
  122. Dejagahs new Tattoo & Hairstyle
  123. Naft & Terktorsazi in the IPL!!
  124. World Cup Prediction Contest (10th and last Round)
  125. U-20 team?
  126. We have alot of Central Midfielders
  127. Nekunam's new home feild *pics*
  128. according to IRINN news,iran new coach.....
  129. Mr. P is this how YOU take care of TM ?
  130. Doozdi , Dorogh , Dadkan, 3 D's of IFF
  131. كيكر: ايراني*ها با " تروسيه " مذاكره كردند
  132. Ali Karimi openly supports Afshin Gotbi. Very nice.
  133. Ali Karimi move over...here comes Pedram Talebi...Wow...amazing!
  134. With Daie gone, who should be our 2 forwards?
  135. the resmblence
  136. Know Ali Daei Better
  137. daie , Ragami-nest velesh konid .
  138. We need a new Jersey and a new logo
  139. Our 2 guys up front?
  140. Kicker: IFF in talks with Phillipe Troussier
  141. Well, Irans football schedule is packed now...
  142. dé·jà vu all over again
  143. Tymorian in English news paper
  144. Congratulation PersianPlaya408 for becoming June MOTM
  145. FIFA ranking with some new rules in the future
  146. First Day of work for Nekonam
  147. Why doesnt Branco ever have an expression on his face?
  148. the demolition of esteqllal football club
  149. Golden Ball nominations
  150. I missed Iran-Angola, can someone please provide highlights?
  151. Your pick for IFF president?
  152. Iran-Mexico
  153. Video of Borhani, Enayati, Kazemian, Zare, Roudbarian joking around
  154. In remembrance of the magic head!
  155. Hi everyone !!!
  156. IFF Contacting Coaches. What are the outlines?
  157. Mostafavi picked as head of IFF
  158. Best Brand for our jerseys?
  159. branco ,the boy that TRASHED our football
  160. World Cup 2010 logo unveiled
  161. Mostafavi: " we will be looking at pekerman and Scolari"
  162. PP is looking for new coach
  163. the good,the best,the uglist,the cutiest,of them all
  164. Ali Ansarian joins Esthgala of Tehran
  165. according to irinn and alborz,maily kohan
  166. Mostafavi: I want Mayeli Kohan as TM head coach
  167. What do you think iran's rank will be in july?
  168. Reza Enayate joins Perspolis (this is just in)
  169. I hope ESES buy these two!!
  170. We will never win the Worldcup in this century. Can you accept that?
  171. Enayati wont go to perspolis!!!
  172. what zaidan did is what mahdavykia did
  173. List of players playing in UAE teams?
  174. Esteghlal official website
  175. Is it true that Angola's goalie....
  176. ***Any Ghermezete in da house?***
  177. Interview with TM's new coach, Mayelikohan.
  178. Perspolis Lazio game date
  179. Bronco returning to Tehran for Talks....lol!
  180. Kaiser Amir jan- ver are you?? :)
  181. Take Your Pick Please...
  182. I heard Enayati Joined PP because he wants better palce in team melli
  183. This is the future of Iranian football...read and find out why we are in deep doo doo
  185. ali karimi, bronko, AND SHOTOR MORG
  186. Bronko U Are Not Welcome
  187. Iran to play S. Arabia
  188. In Iran group in West Asia cup; one team withdraw
  189. Update on Hamed Kavianpour at Keyserspor
  190. Azizi, Saeed Lotfi and Yahya Golmohamadi going to Australia!
  191. Saba Battery look strong for next season
  192. Kaabi and MIrzapour too eses ahvaz, Da Silva to Eses
  193. FIFA ranking Iran...
  194. Zidans massege to Ali Daie!
  195. Fifa 2007 Under 20
  196. Nekounam, let's get excited!
  197. we need parvin..heck we need an iranian coach
  198. Mes-Kerman, the new member of the IPL familly
  199. Your candidate for IFF
  200. Biography of Werner Lorant, the new coach of Saipa
  201. You are the head of IFF...
  202. War of words between Hejazi and Kohan
  203. I have a feeling that West Asian games will be cancelled...Can Iran host it?
  204. Gotbi:"Irans results says it all"...by Kaveh Mahjoob
  205. 666666 Ansarian Khayeeeeeeeen
  206. Breaking News: Make This Sticky ..stop This Madness
  207. perjad only
  208. Klinsmann woudl be a great pick yo coach for iran.
  209. Kazemain trained with Perspolis
  210. Iranians in Bundesliga (pre-season)
  211. It is almost certain that Tymorian will sign with Bolton
  212. My pictures from Iran's games in Germany
  213. Should IPL have 18 teams or not ?
  214. London Keyhan reports Terrousie in Iran
  215. Probably the WAFF Cup is off now
  216. Housain Kaabi: "People of Iran have every right to be upset at TM"
  217. ALI KARIMI's new Website...
  218. Re. "Red and Blue Magic" article...
  219. Mahdavikia to stay on at Hamburger SV beyond 2007
  220. What if Israel makes it to 2010 South Africa and...
  221. Asian Nations Cup 2007 finals draw will be
  222. If we were to have an Iranian coach, who will be your pick?
  223. Aaaa, the passion....
  224. Which player would have helped out most during world cup 2006
  225. Which player would have helped out most during world cup 2006
  226. iran's new coach will be chosen among these 3
  227. Irans New Coach: MOSTASAFI
  228. [PHOTOS] - New batch of images from Team Melli players in Germany - Must see
  229. [PHOTOS] - Me and football celebrities
  230. [PHOTOS] - Me and IK members in Germany
  231. [PHOTOS] - Girls, ALI DAEI's replacement and my World Cup trophy
  232. Rezai going to Livorno in 4 player deal
  233. GHALENOIE, the new Head-Coach of TM
  234. Jordon "A" vs. Iran U-23
  235. Anyone watch the Iran -Korea 6-2 match last night?
  236. GHALENOEE; A good or a bad choice?
  237. Distraction, Dalaals, and Disaster....Naderjaan reveals true story of TM! MUST READ!
  238. AFC doesnt recognize the Iranian new chief. Supports Dadkaan..ha ha ha!
  239. any news on where Zandi will end up?
  240. Iran futsball team to play World Cup champion in friendly
  241. Ali Ansarian got injured
  242. Mailikohan may join Foulad
  243. Ando Teymourian wins christian star of the WC!
  244. Teymourian on FIFA World Cup Front page
  245. Kiss Foolaad Khoozestan's A....s goodbye, Mayli signs 1 year contract!
  246. Shemruni's article about hazfi cup, and my opinion
  247. Why do i feel people heading AFC are seriously DUMB!
  248. Teymourian's Move in Jeopardy
  249. Ghalanoe picks Ibrhimi and Ibrahimzadh as his..
  250. Anyone Going?