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  1. ReŻters: Scholari worried about Iran trio
  2. Iran can defeat Porgtual: Replace. Re-organize. Re-calibrate. Sub-out.
  3. does Zandi have bird-flu or something?
  4. Montazereh Shanbeh va Shekasteh Portugal hasteem!
  5. Probably Branko is misleading portugese by saying he will Start Daei
  6. Did you know Iran played Portugal in...
  7. Howallazina Kafaru!
  8. Cant sleep....
  9. United Team Melli!
  10. Portugal Soorakheh
  11. Today All Sing ....
  12. All Iranians Celebrate ....
  13. The 1st Surprise of World Cup 2006
  14. Iran beats portugal ,,, IRANETE
  15. Daei will not start!
  16. Lineup Announced
  17. Ali Daei to USA?
  18. will there be alot of iranian fans this time?
  19. wow.. what a great referee!
  20. What is our excuse now?
  21. Allhail Mirza Pour
  22. 67% possession by Portugal
  23. 1st half not too bad..
  24. Now we have our full energy for the 2nd half
  25. GoaLLLLL
  26. Stopped watching Boys
  27. I turned the tv on, and Gooooooool!!!!!
  28. iran surprise of the germany 2006
  29. Bronko, a clueless coach without a plan
  30. Daei should play against Angola
  31. No daei, and we lose...happy now?
  32. Mashallah Iran
  33. Its sad, but Im very proud!
  34. Thank You Tm Melli
  35. Well done Kaabi
  36. Team Melli did not lose today.
  37. We should let Angola win!
  38. Well done Mirzapour!
  39. Thank You
  40. Am I the only one proud of the players?
  41. Does anyone wish we didnt have to play angola?
  42. Karimi: from hero to ZERO
  43. could we have done any worse mr branco ?
  44. Did Anyone See That ???
  45. Commentators said it all
  46. Honest answer: would Daie fans be Happy if Iran won today???
  47. 4 years and still BAD Subs!!
  48. we need to lose to angola to advance
  49. [OPINION] Team Melli Players Ratings (Iran vs. Portugal)
  50. I'm proud of you, no matter what everyone thinks
  51. FIFA sites comment, more reason to be proud.
  52. a painless death
  53. Iran-Portugal (Match report)
  54. I Must Leave, Pessimism Is Contagious !
  55. World cup experience.
  56. Dadkan Has A Lot of Explaining To Do
  57. Reality check...let's look forward
  58. Phillipe Troussier should be Iran's new coach.
  59. Post your lineup against Angola
  60. I'm proud of everybody in the team
  61. Will you change the formation and start Daie for next game??
  62. I know it is tough but we got to keep our heads up and play for pride against Angola.
  63. A Glance at Iran/Portugal game and some suggestions
  64. Just Sad!!
  65. If you Had a Choice
  66. Nekonam and Teymoriyan in the filed at the sametime ??!!
  67. your lineup for the angola game
  68. Iran wants to be a better contender? WORK ON FITNESS
  69. Thank You Branco............
  70. Thanks To Fans!
  71. Why don't our team exchange shirts?
  72. coaches quotes!
  73. What did everyone think of individual player performance?
  74. Youngsters
  75. thank you to "gay (joyful)" iranian fans, lol
  76. Question for Team Melli Fans
  77. Well done to our Brave Men
  78. Uncensored news from the camp; The untold stories!
  79. I'm very optimistic after WC
  80. Did I hear what the BBC commentator said right?
  81. GUYS: Iran played better than ITALY
  82. كريمى: مقابل آنگولا بازى نمى كنم
  83. Can Some One Tell me WTF Happened
  84. Lessons from world cup
  85. Thanks to Mirzapour !
  86. iranian fans: the worst in the world!!!
  87. مقصر اصلي برانکو و حاميانش هستند
  88. We still have the best players in the world!
  89. Are we ever going to have another 1998 team?
  90. Is it me or has Hashemian lost his goalscoring touch!?
  91. Impressions from Frankfurt
  92. Lets be honest we have high expecations!
  93. World Cup Prediction Contest (ROund 5)
  94. It is time to .......
  95. I hope we lose against Angola
  96. Kaebi messed up Figo's face...
  97. I hope we play only the subs against Angola
  98. Do we BELONG in the WC?
  99. ANSARIFARD as next IFF head?
  100. Iran in WC2010 (Players in & out)
  101. Did you enjoy the WC qualifiers more, or it's just me?
  102. Mirzapour signs with portugies side....wow!
  103. Countdown till Asia cup
  104. thank you iranian soccer team!..
  105. We Lost Because ......
  106. IFF this is your chance ! Christoph Daum terminated contract with Fenerbahce!!!
  107. Whos off 2 europe?
  108. Thank You Tm
  109. Lineup for World Cup 2010 (Sorry, just couldn't resist :p )
  110. I dont know if you've noticed but...
  111. The people of Iran deserved the slap in the face they got
  112. branko reed
  113. my line up for the angola game
  114. ali daei beating ali karimi !!!
  115. Shame on iranians in Nurenbeg - Zendeh bad to those in Frankfurt
  116. Did we show anything in this World Cup?
  117. Who will win this game?
  118. IRIís should have hired Afshin Ghotbi (assist. Coach for korea)
  119. Ali Karimi , I did not have any problems with Daei:
  120. "We want to leave with a victory now" Zandi
  121. Forget Rumours, conspiracy theories and hearsay, Who should coach us next?
  122. B[B]brongho said, what you saw was all Iran could offer ![/B]
  123. Future
  124. Iran and its future path
  125. Thank You TM
  126. Teymouryan offered from a few European clubs
  127. with the path we've taken, do you think we can beat 2009's japan, jorea, KSA?
  128. A look at Korea vs IRAN vs Japan vs KSA
  129. Good Article That Praises Iran !
  130. they must be greeted with rotten eggs,tomatoes and whips
  131. Shame on those who backed Branco!
  132. LETS BE FAIR - What did Branco do (or didn't do) for TM?
  133. Karimi will not play against angola
  134. a glance at newspapers
  135. These stupid Newspapers!
  136. Aghaye Karimi, khejaatat ham khoob cheezeye.....
  137. Iran vs Angola
  138. Dont blame Karimi yet, SOMTHING FISHI IS GOING ON IN TM!
  139. When U Saw A Nice Long-shoot From Tm???
  140. my conversation with DADKAN at airport
  141. Mirzas transfer confirmed by skysports!
  142. Ahamdinejad give TM football lessons, no wonder we SUCKED
  143. Presence of Daei in the team + Branco as a coach of TM
  144. Ali Daies house attacked...
  145. Bronco: Beating Angola isnt so easy....!
  146. Yahya Retires from Internationl Football
  147. Karimi Cried After Portugal Match.
  148. When do the Asian Qualifying start for Iran...pretty soon right?
  149. Karimi apologized
  150. daei is poor !!
  151. Maa Mitavaanim.........
  152. Ladie and gentelmen....meet IRANS new head coach.
  153. GO ANGOLA GO! Beat us 10-0!
  154. Does anyone know which hotel TM is staying at in Leipzig?
  155. karimi will play in Tomorrow's game
  156. branco gotta go to Emirates League
  157. German newspaper makes fun of us,shame on u dadkan and branco
  158. misery happened after 2:nd halft with Mexika macth.
  159. Breaking News: Branko leaves TM for Al-Sharje or Al Vahde
  160. Who will be the wearer of the number 10 after daei leaves?
  161. forget ari haan,denzily or.....the next coach must be wow.
  162. official lineup for tommorow announced. karimi, zandi, Khatibi are in
  163. Portuguese club CD Nacional eye Mirzapour
  164. Iran-Angola Broadcasting channels? Anyone recording and uploading?
  165. Is it possible to watch the Iran-Angola game online?
  166. BBC sport: Karimi facing Iran Axe (lol)
  167. Pashazaadeh: Portuges fans were laughing at us in the stadium.
  168. Goal No: 2000!
  169. ha ha....Dadkan has really done it now...he didnt let PM meet the players
  170. Please give this a read on TEAMMELLI- For strategie experts experts only-
  171. A littel questio about AFC CUP
  172. Zandi: What is his role/experience like playing for Iran?
  173. COME ON PEOPLE: We still have one more game left in the WORLD CUP!!
  174. TV Coverage 4 2morrow's Game
  175. Enjoy the game
  176. World Cup PRediction Contest Round 6
  177. Karimi's Role
  178. تركيب تيم ملي فوتبال ايران مقابل تيم آنگو 
  179. Can this be correct ??
  180. half time break: ANGOLA SUCKS!!
  181. Nikbakht joins Perspolis...???
  182. Daaaaaaaaaaammmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnn
  183. ugh!!!1
  184. Bakhtiarizadeh does what MExico couldnt
  185. !"#§&!#&§!#§&%!#"%!"#§&!#§&
  186. Zandi showed up
  187. Daie,Subs&Branko Cost us Da Game
  188. Bye Bye branco.
  189. and after 4 years, he we are , LAST
  190. branko's obstinacy
  191. up to date 2006 WC stats
  192. nice pic!
  193. Today I am a happy person.
  194. Rate the players.
  195. I cried...
  196. Iran played better (fulll match report and semi-analysis of match)
  197. Golmohammadi & Bakhtiarzadeh ?
  198. Good goach vs. Bad coach. See results for yourself
  199. Daei: I may even play in WC2010 (Bild interview)
  200. Bronco sent a message today, I am convinced that its time for change!
  201. Dadkaan Sacked!!
  202. FIFA should reduce share of Asian teams in WC
  203. where are the LOVErs NOW?
  204. Branko's plan revealed:
  205. Time to nurture the team from this
  206. zero playtime for Enayati, another victime of dalals!
  207. check the picture
  208. Bayern Site is reporting that Kazemian refused to get into the game in minute 67.
  209. IRAN is a 45 min team.
  210. Relax, we still have....
  211. Alborz reporting Hashemian and Ando fight after portugal game.
  212. Dadkan is out??
  213. w/o Zandi and Kia this team wouldn't have been half as good
  214. Back from Germany: met Nader jaan and Kaiser Amir
  215. 3 quick lines that explain our TM's experience in WC!
  216. Bracno Irano SIYAH POOSH KARD ,,,
  217. Best Team Melli players
  218. Bayern Site is wrong, Karimi refused to go into the game!
  219. Team Melli, Hold Your Head Up!
  220. Funy....Indeed.........
  221. Good Game, Good Effort!
  222. A picture I made that describes our performance in this WC
  223. Da King after playing 90min and missing an open netter
  224. Things to learn from World Cup
  225. Looking at the table for a minute.....
  226. You are misguided if you blame IFF or Branko or....
  227. Does anyone have the picture of Teymourian on the floor?
  228. I stop supporting TM as long as DAEI plays
  229. Disregard TM, ***after all Ghermezete***
  230. Branco Ivankovic: "Luck deserted us"
  231. I Thought I Would Never Say This But Iam Tired Of Daei And His Attitude
  232. zandi's performance..?
  233. FIFA should try to shorten tickets for asia to join in next worldcup
  234. What to look for?
  235. Hadi Khorsandi on Ali Daie, Thanks Babak
  236. Iran exits the WC in dissappointment
  237. a TM player beat ferdwsipour!
  238. some pics
  239. Branko's daughter caught selling Iran-Angola tickets!
  240. Who is the most hated man in Iran rigth now ?
  241. I am on Reuters :D
  242. Kohan ,the new head of IFF ? !!!
  243. Bracno is not returnig to Iran with the team!!
  244. Kaveh Mahjoob's article
  245. Interview with Kiarostami about TM
  246. yek jaam, yek jahan
  247. Pictures of Team Melli?
  248. The official sick and tired of being sad thread
  249. What a difference a good coach makes...
  250. Did anyone see Houman Afazeli on the bench of Iran ONCE in the WC? Or at the practice