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  1. Please be calm!!
  2. Iran Vs. Mexico...Report
  3. No Blame On Any One Person
  4. Just back from the stadium
  5. will daei coach in august? (asian cup)
  6. Branko not to blame. Daei not to blame. Mirzapour not to blame. But the Jews?
  7. A Message To ALI DAIE
  8. all possible scenarios for iran to make next round
  9. Support for TM against Portugal
  10. somone help me out here i need answers!
  11. What do think will happen in our next game ?
  12. Oh God, IRIB reports of DARGIRI in TM!
  13. PICS: Look at Poor Fans' face expressions
  14. I just took out my anger on our opponents
  15. NavidKia Called up for TM
  16. Akhe chera namarda, omide ye melat be shomaha bood
  17. On a Positive Note, FIrst-Half TM was better than EVER!
  18. Reading All Of This Makes Me Cry!
  19. Ali Daie supporting Iran's ban on women enterring stadiums
  20. lets not take anything away from them...
  21. Assessment of (3)Mexico-(1)Iran
  22. Just watched The Mistakes(Goalie's&Rezaies)
  23. was it really THAT bad?!
  24. Dear Friends
  25. We still have a chance...dont lose hope!!!!
  26. Iran Forgot its "5 Ps" and paid for it.
  27. MUST READ: A fan reporting from TM HOTEL after the game
  28. Iran Vs Mexico (An Attempt at a Logical Take on this Match) -- Editorial
  29. What EXPERTS had to say about the game
  30. Locker fight or argument?
  31. LOL! MEX-IRN: Coaches' Quotes
  32. How about the Referee !!!
  33. team mellis weaknesses (in farsi) MUST READ!!
  34. If something aint wrong dont fix it!!!
  35. [Report] LIVE FROM Nürenberg
  36. In defence of Branco
  37. Daei: “It’s PROBABLY the last worldcup I’ll participate in”
  38. How much does WC experience matter...
  39. To Ali Karimi arguably the best iranian player ever I hope this message gets to him
  40. Iran showed me enough against Mexico to suggest we may make 2nd round yet
  41. TSG analysis by Francisco Maturana (COL)
  42. Dont Worry Guys The Mighty Iran Will Be Back Stronger
  43. World-Iran striker Ali Daei could miss Portugal match
  45. photos from the game from BBC
  46. You can drown in your misery, but I want to see the glass half full...
  47. Is puma jinxed ??
  48. [Photos]: Fans: Iran vs. Mexico
  50. Learn from Australia......
  51. Iran Syndrome Hits Japan Harrrrrrdddd!!!
  52. Imagine This -- ohhhh just imagine!
  53. READ what ABEDZADEH said about the game
  54. TM Fans in Germany PROTEST against DAEI
  55. We had to beat one of Portigul or mexico anyways.
  56. Mexican game done, its portugal time
  57. Comments From A Mexican Player
  58. نصيرزاده: کفش های بازيکنان ما مناسب نبود
  59. guess TM line-up against portugal
  60. blame it on ...
  61. breaking news: mirza got injured too! --confirmed by IRIB
  62. Behind the curtains, there are things going on...
  63. it could have been WORST!
  64. all the more reason to think branko is crazy
  65. I only have 1 thing to say to Bronko and Daadkan...KHAR KHODETOONIN...!
  66. I Still Support Branco!
  67. Karimi's Ankle In Pain
  68. petition ali daei
  69. NOOSH DAROO PAS AZ MARG-E SOHRAB: No more gifts to opponents, says Ivankovic
  70. Branko: I wanted to Sub Daei and hashemian but had NO ALTERNATIVES
  71. احمدرضا عابدزاده پس از شکست برابر مکزيک
  72. Do Not Post Dulicate Threads
  73. NavidKia joined TM camp.
  74. Im embarrassed by this board
  75. BREAKING NEWS: EXPERTS GATHERED in Tehran to find solutions for TM in WC
  76. Abedzadeh Ripps into Daie, Bronco and Mirza...WOW...!
  77. portugal?!
  78. Chances making it to 2nd Round
  79. We won't play for a draw!
  80. Imagin Majidi replacing Daei
  81. My problems with Iran-Mexico game
  82. I hope this will cheer you up
  83. WOW: Croatian guy (Branko's friend) in charge of scouting Mexico SLAMMED at Branko
  84. Do you think people will have calmed down before saturday?
  85. Bad News: TM is falling apart
  86. Team support thread
  87. Zende Bad Iran!!!
  88. why did iran play so weak in the second half?
  89. Daei taking the heat in Iran:
  90. Daei out of Portugal clash
  91. I am sorry for Iran, Iranians and TM. I am so sorry that this is happening!
  92. Please Refrain Yourself From Using Profanity
  93. You Know what's funny....
  94. Next game, Iran need to make all 3 subs in the 2nd half.
  95. Photos of Fans Cheering For Team Melli...
  96. I would normally cry for losses like this but.........
  97. I Hope People WokeUp! IRAN is not BRAZIL. But i love them.
  98. Fitness was a problem for Iran as well
  99. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 3
  100. Why the match against Iran is the most important one
  101. You are too hard on you're team!
  102. irib news this morning: daei is injured and ...
  103. My first instincts before the world cup
  104. Positive energy guys!
  105. tehran , aftere the game!
  106. Petition for Daei to step down, please read! serious
  107. The Penicillin for Team Melli's Cold
  108. Read this please. Just have faith, that's all.
  109. Just an intresting point about IRAN TM
  110. I sort of hoped Daie would not play but looks like his playing from Daie fan....
  111. Zlatko Leaves Iran's Camp!
  112. A good source of news
  113. need info about TM hotel -PLEASE-
  114. علي دايي: من سالم هستم !
  115. Here we go again...Zandi to miss Portugal game..why did we take him then?
  116. info about weather on sat
  117. Trust me we can do this if...
  118. OH MY GOD.....look who is majles picking to look into TM.. Now, this is funny!
  119. علي دايي: من سالم هستم !
  120. Nekunam on Figo all day....
  121. Somewhere in the middle (no conspiracy theories, but no blind support)
  122. Everyone Read Please!
  123. World Cup: Navidkia joins Iran football squad
  124. Iran-Mexico: Who to Blame?
  125. Why so many player on the bench?
  126. WOW: Pics of TM training, Karimi with IPOD, Daei with slippers
  127. Learn from Coratian and Polish Fans
  128. I am starting to get pumped about portigul game again.
  129. Teusday's Practice: It seems everthing is normal
  130. 12 hours to Portugal Game-LETS GET PSYCHED UP!!!
  131. Excuses, Excuses!!
  132. Iran vs Portugal odds?
  134. ***Unity Avatar***
  135. Manic Depressive
  136. BREAKING NEWS: Branko interview
  137. we >> love your team
  138. Interview with Ali Karimi's mother and picture of his parents!
  139. Fact or Fiction
  140. *Offical* Countdown to Portgual Vs Iran Game!
  141. i see a rainbow,and i like to paint it black.
  142. How To Win Portugal? A Professional View
  143. Just imagine if iran beats portugal
  144. Please Sign Daei Petition
  145. Portugese Forum members are WORRIED about Iran game
  146. Great Article by Kaveh..must read.
  147. BREAKING NEWS---------- Daei's got retired finally
  148. Daei: I play for the sake of my people
  149. OFFICIAL: Nekounam could be on his way to BOLTON
  150. Insider Information from TM camp! HOT HOT HOT!
  151. I told you 'LOVers" so ...
  152. AFC: Daei blames TM´s midfield for their 3-1 loss
  153. Fifa Article About The Match (iran-mex)
  154. Line Up For Iran?!
  155. Mr.ahmadinejad ,,no more 2nd rate khareji coaches please.
  156. Hadi Khorsandi on Ali Daie.....very, very funny!
  157. Daryoush Zahab....If you see this post, please email me...
  158. Rahman and Mirza should do a puplic apology.
  159. Saudis show that they have better coaching than us
  160. Dont mean to be negative...but, where was mr. Afazeli in the 2nd half of Mexico game?
  161. میرزاپور و دایی در دیدار مقابل پرتغال در م
  162. Some of us knew - some did not
  163. Team Melli Conspiracy revealed !
  164. Karimi should play in forward.
  165. iran's bad luck and I hate saudi thread
  166. Arie Haan tipped to be Iran's coach
  167. **breaking News About Portugal**
  168. Iran will beat Portugal , here is why:
  169. Ivankovic: Mirzapour has made 2 errors in 5 years
  170. مهرزاد معدنچی با تکل علی کريمی مصدوم شد
  171. Possible line-up against Portugal - By Nozad
  172. I believe in DAEI ..HOW ABOUT YOU? Vote
  173. *Madanchi injured*
  174. What a Stupid petition to remove Daei
  175. prevent any disappointments for Saturday game
  176. دايي: مصدوميتم* برطرف* شد، مى*توانم* مقاب
  177. Mexico Vs. Angola, What should we hope for?
  178. Were gonna lose to portugal:(
  179. Can Iran Steal A Point, From Portugal?
  180. A True Iranian Football Fan in the Stadium....Thank you Saied Noro from ISP
  181. Vote For Iran!!!
  182. You want Daei... yes or no.
  183. Lets Get Real … (my Two Cents!)
  184. Branko - Comes out fighting!
  185. Funny news (if true)!! NIKI to bulgarian league!
  186. I Am Very Proud Of Tm Performance
  187. Kaebi and Madanchi
  188. portugal world cup team blog
  189. Karimi causes Mandachi to get injured
  190. Watch the world cup games online
  191. going to frankfurt?
  192. Picture of the Fans at Today's TM Practice
  193. High chances for Roubarian's appearance against Portugal
  194. Fight in Team Melli during the Mexico Game
  195. IF daie starts we will loose to Portugal .
  196. Who Submitted the ball to Mexicans in a Silver Platter?
  197. Iran's Parliament Memebers Going to Germany
  198. Karimi needs to wake up this is world cup...
  199. Who really is Housain Faraki and why is he always with TM? Must read!!!!
  200. A french referee for Iran-Portugal
  201. portugal is screwed
  202. Remove this thing....MPour is ALSO!!! a hamvatan!!OK?
  203. Reuters: Borhani in and Daie out...all others remain the same as Mexico game!
  204. where are iranians in toronto watching the game?
  205. IF : Iran vs Saudi (What would the outcome be?)
  206. Man Aamadeh-am vay vay..man aamadeham....!!!
  207. Branko: Shojaei VERY CLOSE to Starting lineup
  208. Daie .Listen to IRan, they want you OUT
  209. Madanchi is a true left-footer. Can he play defense?
  210. Pictures of Iran - Mexico - Game
  211. World Cup Showed who we invited to Iran for Friendlies!
  212. Karimi threathening Daei?
  213. Ahamdinejad has sent his envoy to Team's camp
  214. Madanchi Injured!!!!
  215. Its official: No DAEI for the portugal match
  216. if you live in stockholm come and support our team on saturday!!
  217. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 4
  218. Let's Go Forward
  219. Iran Can learn from Ecuador
  220. Remember I warned you about DARGIREE in TM 4-5 days ago, and was labeled NEGATIVE?
  221. Iran face problems against Portugal
  222. Do our Selfish TM players know what our countrymen go through to see a game..?
  223. Daie Breaks down in Interview with Ferdosipour....I respect the man..but, time to go!
  224. Predict Iran-Portugal here
  225. If Nataka thinks tehy coudl get 6 point out of Brazil and Croatia..then wtf mate?
  226. change of weather for sat...
  227. Iran fans expected to be outnumbered again for the Portugal game.
  228. Less Than 24 Hours ...
  229. At the Mexico game - review from old poster!
  230. Cheh Good O Chen Bad , we still love TM
  231. هيتسفلد: ايران نبايد در ديدار برابر پرتغا 
  232. Daei: If Iran need me, I'll play on
  233. Our Goalkeeper for tommorow?
  234. News Conference! ( IRIB: Ali Daei will start against Portugal)
  235. We have lost a battle: NOT THE WAR.
  236. I will no longer blame Daei...
  237. where can i watch the game in london???
  238. All or nothing for Ivankovic's men; Daei to start again
  239. Branco has changed his mind
  240. « دایی؛ اسطوره*ای بر فراز یک قرن
  241. What jersey colour will we wear tomorrow?
  242. if Mexico ties angola 0-0 very good for irAN!
  243. Glimmer of hope!!!
  244. IrAN WILL WIN DIVISION!!!!!!!!!!!
  245. bronco doesnt look "that" dumb anymore
  246. Fansongs
  247. Why iran Vs. Angola will be great for us....
  248. even a tie can bring us to next round cause....
  249. After all negative vibes...Im starting to feel good about tomorrow
  250. How About a `SALAVAT` (make it mardooneh please)!