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  1. Team Melli - Hopes and Concerns
  2. TM Song from Zendegi Be Sharte Khande
  3. Mexico or Portugal ?
  4. The Arian Band’s World Cup Song + Video + football tip
  5. please let karimi and kia rest mr bracno .
  6. Hello From Ireland
  7. Can somone give us some reliable info on Mehdi's injury please?
  8. what is the problem with iranian players??
  9. 2006 FIFA World Cup: The Official Guide - Mexico & Iran -torrent
  10. IK members meeting this Sunday at UCLA
  11. Paykan Tehran advances to IPL
  12. Jalal Talebi....Double crossed us
  13. The NEW offside rule, a benefit for Iran and Daei?
  14. Enayati joined Al Emirates
  15. Our group from a beautiful perspective must see
  16. Pictures - TM Meeting the President
  17. Iran to Wear Red in the Opening Match with an Italian Ref in Charge
  18. I can NOT wait till next sunday .
  19. Madanchi or Zandi???
  20. My condolonces to the victims of the 6/11 tragedy
  21. Branko's Interview today - On Mahdavi Kia and others
  22. when did Kia got injured anyways !!?!?!?
  23. I Am Iranian And My Wife Is Mexican
  24. Bervaid va Melati raa khoshaal konid...Pics as TM leaves!
  25. Congratulation KABABEE for becoming May MOTM
  26. who will be Irna's next super star out of this WC ?
  27. Iran ...chant Starts here ...
  28. fifity million toman gift or no 50'000;000 toman
  29. vote for Karimi!!!
  30. Iran football team arrives in Friedrichshafen
  31. Iran-Mexico Prediction
  32. Here is what Mexicans think about the game
  33. iran left tehran without......
  34. Mexico Coach La Volpe under fire , could be replaced before sunday match
  35. Is Iran /Galexy game being broadcasted?
  36. If I was Mexican.
  37. Stars of Persia - A victory for the iranian people
  38. *World Cup* countdown
  39. The How High Republic.
  40. Is this OK?
  41. Nekounam Confirms offer from hertha Berlin.
  42. Galaxy- Stars of Iran update
  43. Iran All-Stars Beat L.A. Galaxy 3-1!!
  44. mahdavikia's cartoon
  45. Success in World Cup
  46. Jose be man goft:..................
  47. Jose Mourinho: Portugal must be afraid of Iran
  48. Kavianpour wears the jersey of his new club KAYSERISPOR
  49. When is the ....?
  50. Mexico's coach talks about Iran game and his team's preparation.
  51. Yahya lost his Passport in Croatia....wow!
  52. LA Times: Iran-Mexico key to Group D
  53. UK TV Schedule for Iran's Games (BBC & ITV)
  54. Iran-Friedrichshafen (R) plus news on Karimi and Kia
  55. <----one Game Changes Everything----> Read This!!
  56. Gol Mohammadi set to fly.....
  57. Mahdavikia injury situation mirrors situation with England and Rooney
  58. Hello IK-TM will make us proud
  59. Who will be in Germany? Announce it here.
  60. My German Friends, please help!!!!!
  61. Is this mehdi?
  62. Irane Man, Irane Man, Janam Fadayat
  63. [AUDIO] An amusing series of imitations
  64. Mr. Zahab for god's sake!
  65. Bronco: Mehdi doubtfull for the Mexico game...Shoot!
  66. Picture of TM leaving for WC
  67. Reason why Mexicans will have MAJOR problems with defending Mehdi on sunday! Must see
  68. Interesting One-ON-One discussion with a Mexican on chat...warning explicit content!
  69. Chelsea coach Jose Mourinho talks about Iran
  70. after this analysis,i can proudly........
  71. TV coverages for the WC!
  72. how 4 days can be longer than 4 years????
  73. [Azadegan League Play off] Mes Kerman 3 - Homa Tehran 1
  74. Dont shoot me for reporting on Mehdi, This is German media...not me...SHOOT!
  75. Great Website to Watch the World Cup
  76. Karimi against Branko
  77. WTF: Karimi the first candidate for Golden Boot
  78. World Cup cliché thread about Iran
  79. WC Analysis
  80. Nakisa and Minavand Singing for the TM?
  81. Have You GUys Noticed?
  82. New TM Song
  83. Mexicans Can be VERY NAA'MARD...
  84. What the Mexicans think
  85. Forca Iran! Forca Portugal!
  86. JAME JAM channel special worldcup program!
  87. Daie Among Top 10 Tallest Strikers in WC
  88. Daei to start against Mexico
  89. Iran to decide on Mahdavikia on friday.
  90. The roommates in TM camp
  91. Farhad Kazemi: head coach of Saba Battery
  92. Interesting facts about current Team Melli squad
  93. stupid predictions...
  94. iran mexico in stockholm
  95. Ask questions from Heshmat Mohajerani on BBC Persian
  96. Official Nazr Thread for Mehdi...
  97. Euro Sport LIVE comment on group D
  98. Breaking News: Karimi Injured Again!
  99. IRNA reports karimi is ok, Mehdi will probably play on sunday.
  100. Sky Sports' prediction of group stages
  101. the Iranian team doctor, confirmed that Mahdavikia would be fit for Sunday's game.
  102. who is more important? Kia or Karimi?
  103. **Just confirmed** Karimi is OK!
  104. (Photos) I saw the first Team Melli practice session - Historic meeting with DAEI
  105. Oh man its time.....
  106. Mexico will start with theire 2nd goalie
  107. This thread is for all you guys who are worried about our first game
  108. Kaiser Amir's pic in IRNA website
  109. iran can win the WC championship if they...........
  110. Branko Leaving
  111. Don't play Mehdi
  112. IRAN - 3rd WEAKEST team in World Cup
  113. Where are you watching the Mexico game on Sunday??
  114. Only Positive.....
  115. daie joneh harke doost dari GOL bezan .
  116. من از پارس می آیم، آن بوم زرین ...
  117. why do you think bronco picks big tournments to announce his resignition?
  118. Irans thursday practice answered many questions regarding Mehdi and Zandi...
  119. Iranian authorities stop Arash's half-time perfomance
  120. Mahdavikia: " I am free of pain"
  121. Iranian Fans should learn from Brazilian fans
  122. GROUP D Complete 2006 Results
  123. Now ZARE injured!!!!
  124. whos gonna wear the adidas shoe???
  125. Thank You Branko Thread.
  126. Iran National Team Football Chants?
  127. Zare in starting lineup against Mexico if Not injured
  128. The referee for the Iran Vs. Mexico match...
  129. Taghipour ? Nikbakht ? Majidi ? Azizi ?
  130. world cup voting
  131. Zare and Zandi doubtful for the game againts Mexico
  132. Dood Az Kondeh Boland Misheh...ABADAN Rules...
  133. Perjad jan, if IRIB broadcasts iran mexico game can you please record it, i amwilling
  134. Go Persian Lions! (another wallpaper)
  135. Eurosport.com on Zandi...
  136. Iran 'not helped' by the referees
  137. Office sweep stake
  138. Weather Report for Sunady....
  139. woldcup opening cerimony! request
  140. PHOTOS - I'm in the "Alianz Arena" right now!!! - Germany Vs Costa Rica
  141. Iran coach's friends help devise strategy for Mexico game
  142. Its official, no Zandi for Iran on sunday.
  143. daeis short interview with mexican news paper : IRAN will definately win!
  144. 2 iran - mexico ticket
  145. Zandi Energy
  146. PICTURES - Me and World stars in Munich!
  147. iran and mexicos lineups according to kicker mag
  148. Iran's charm offensive
  149. Im going to have to call the doctor if this doesnt stop
  150. UNIVISION's Reporter's Name Is IRAN
  151. After 10 Years, I am ready.
  152. SI's.com experts World Cup group stage picks
  153. after watching the firt 2 games,i see ali karim as......
  154. I love croations!
  155. I have an extra Iran-Mexico ticket. Anyone interested?
  156. Karimi and Daei had a fight?
  157. Yahoo: Iran-Mexico Preview
  158. haha, i met a few mexican guys and an angolan guy yesterday!
  159. Will IRIB2 broadcast Iran Vs Mexico game tommorow?
  160. Can anybody please record Iran vs mexico game in Farsi commentary, i am willing to bu
  161. Ahmadinejad's last meeting with NT
  162. Crowds
  163. Where to watch Iran vs. Mexico??
  164. 23 hours before the game...Mexico is yet to answer the question
  165. Nice Pic (IRAN WC)
  166. Lets meet in Nurenberg!
  167. i hope Mirzapour plays like Shaka (T&T)
  168. TM + Crisis = Good
  169. Karimi is ok...
  170. Zare will be replaced by Hadi Shakoori
  171. Mahdevekhia's goal against USA
  172. TM to wear RED jersies against Mexico
  173. World Cup Prediction Contest Round 2
  174. 12 players announced for mexico game..
  175. Shakuri in place of Zare
  176. Iran's lineup for Mexico (pretty much) CONFIRMED!
  177. *tonight* the day b4 the game
  178. Nuremberg protest over Iran visit
  179. sydney TM fans watch the game @ parra
  180. i can't sleep...
  181. i can't sleep part II : The Return
  182. If TM wins tomorrow...
  183. 3 glasses of a nice italian red wine and I have no trouble sleeping.
  184. vote kabbi
  185. Jaame Jehani Amaadeh, Lashkare Iran Miayaad!
  186. i really wanna c shojae play but how in our defencive line-up???
  187. witchcraft to help iran,neo nazis support,tapsh is tastless
  188. Baraaye pirouzie IRAN salavaat befrestin!!!
  189. if you were playing in WC, how would you celebrate after scoring a goal?
  190. Interesting stats on Mexico and Iran
  191. iran v mexico time on jame-jam
  192. Mexico go goal crazy
  193. Hey guys, less than one hour left until the matchtime! I am with you fellas!
  194. Win Bayerns new away jersey with #8 Karimi in the back!!
  195. I guess nobody will replce Zare'
  196. Goooaaall
  197. That flower was a first-class action
  198. how the hell a guy that...
  199. Tectical mistake on Iran so Obvious
  200. Another Mirzapour blunder )>:
  201. Thank you Branko
  203. Portugal?
  204. whats the best result from Portugal Angola game?
  205. Its not Over till the fat lady sings...
  206. its still in our HANDS...
  207. Any chance?
  208. iranian players performance today
  209. Branko&Co did a great job analyzing the Mexican games
  210. Overexpectation..
  211. I have figured out a few problems with TM from this match......
  212. To start Daei is a CRIME!!!!
  213. useless..
  214. Time to put the cheering hat for Angolo to draw
  215. Here are some of points that I think we should discuss:
  216. maybe we should not blame branko
  217. Courage: The missing element
  218. Commentary
  219. all i saw was 12,000 Sombreros
  220. Most Hated Man?
  221. is Teymourian armenian?
  222. Bacheha: At least play BEAUTIFUL please
  223. Daei And Branko Interview After The Game
  224. i will be happy if iran loose 0:6 vs portugal ...
  225. After the match "utilities" on the BBC including video highlights
  226. Branco's interview after game
  227. Be proud of our team guys
  228. MKO to rally against Iran's national football team
  229. confidence rebuilding thread
  230. Dont bash branco
  231. I want to thank Iran for the magnificent flowers gesture before the game.
  232. I was right, no backbone in sight!!!
  233. I wonder whye?
  234. Stop being so selfish!
  235. Injury
  236. All that is needed to go ahead is simple
  237. SkySports player rating (Daei: Pedestrian)
  238. If you are a true iranian...
  239. this is what saudi football federation and fans would have done
  240. reality !! we need more experience !! we ll get there !!
  241. ali dai,who does he think he is????
  242. Rate the Players
  243. why you blame daei
  244. Poll: Worst player of the game?
  245. Divankovic and Daeinasor...thanks and goodby
  246. Branko can only be blamed 50%! Did our players disobey BrankO?
  247. Poll: best iranian player today was:
  248. Something nice to read in theese tough times
  249. I'm disappointed because of...but can we pull it off?
  250. This is my rant by Perjad Saifi