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  1. dissolve team melli and replace it......
  2. according to irinn,iran youth are ........im not sure
  3. ...Chance for 3 more players..
  4. April MOTM Award Nomination
  5. Which team will win the IPL??
  6. Voting Time ( Hashemian )
  7. IRAN U-23 Win "Spring Cup"
  8. PUMA to display national team's apparel
  9. Iranian players who played CL
  10. Please update week# 30 here
  11. the stadium is packed
  12. Saba v Pas
  13. Esteghlal - Bargh Live Update!!!
  14. links to listen or watch the game?!?!
  15. IPL's MVP should be ?
  16. How many goals does Daie have on the season?
  17. Esteghlal Champion of IPL 2005-2006
  18. Will Esteghlal do the double?
  19. 2 ex champs humilated
  20. after todays match....
  21. IPL Prediction Results after week 30 (end of the season)
  22. Final IPL Table
  23. PP soorakheh
  24. IPL Week 30 (Final day) - Results
  25. Pick best goal of IPL # 5 ?
  26. 4 Players that just Proved why they should be in Team melli
  27. [PICTURES] Zandi in TM jersey
  28. what if essteqllal wins the double??in asian games.....
  29. People of Iran will hold dadkan/branco responsible for WC results .
  30. Mahdavikia is on fire!!!
  31. [Analysis] How Esteghlal won the IPL
  32. World Cup 2006 (team coverage) Magazine?
  33. Mobali: I want to play for Persepolis
  34. Nima Nakisa Singer !!!!!!!!
  35. these players should be benched in team melli
  36. [PICTURES] PUMA Jerseys (Home & Away)!
  37. Azadegan League (1st division) results
  38. the simirality between branco and george bush
  39. Iran Women National football team will play Berlin
  40. it is ali parvin and not ali dai with a new king
  41. What's our equivalent of Chicken Soup??
  42. How many players do we have playing Internationally?
  43. President Ahmadinejad ordered: ALLOW WOMEN IN STADIUMS
  44. aresh borhany,perhaps god planned it.
  45. Head of TB prediction: Iran wins Angola, ties Potugal and Mexico
  46. Karimi is riding his bicycle in Munic.
  47. Perspolis - Abumoslem update
  48. Foolad (IRN) Vs. Pakhtakor (UZB)
  49. Al Wahda (UAE) Vs. Saba Battery (IRN)
  50. New TM List
  51. Mehrzad Madanchi was in exceptional form today
  52. Jaam Hazfi Schedule (Update)
  53. Perspolis-Abumoslem Goals online anywhere?
  54. Still Tickets For Iran Games - Urgent
  55. Iran and Saudi Arabia blacked out on WC poster
  56. Something just got proven to me
  58. Can somone briefly, YES BRIEFLY, tell us how Mirzakour did today?
  59. Order to allow women doesnt include single women!
  60. I tried at the IK suggestion but!!!
  61. OMG VERY FUNNY: 90 show about the HORSE in Azadi Stadium after Esteghlal Champ.
  62. April MOTM Award POLL
  63. Esteghlal Backs off From Hazfi Cup!!!
  64. Hanover's Hashemian to resume training next week
  65. Esteglal players said NAMAAZ after thier championship right on the field....WOW!
  66. Iranian Footsal club seeking Russian palyers?!
  67. Could This Happen????
  68. Optimism for Iran! Interviewing Branko Ivankovich
  69. Who would you pick? Todays player or Yesteryear's players?
  70. I had a nightmare about Iran - Mexico - May god help us with...
  71. Pas FC target Teymorian
  72. Hafzi Cup question please
  73. Iran World Cup Ticket!!!!
  74. After Watching this years IPL to full i can say this
  75. Arie Haan- I want full CONTROL over New signings
  76. Todays RESULTS, Iranu20 and Irans Womens
  77. Sepahan-Traktor Sazi (R)
  78. How should we deal with Mojahedin and Rajavi's Pics in the stadiums?
  79. in our matches against croatia and bosnia we MUST use...
  80. Fereydoon Zandi
  81. Perspolis - Malavan update
  82. The Madanchi who used to be blamed!!!
  83. bracno ...I cancelled the friendly games "
  84. Cheap Timmelli jersey with name and number!
  85. تیمی که باد با خود برد
  86. Your favourite IPL match this season?
  87. Photos from PP-match in Hafez-cup!
  88. [Hazfi Cup] Semi Finals: Perspolis to play in Sari
  89. a normal coach will take bagheri over.....
  90. Kaabi confirms Arsenal offer
  91. Pic: Ali Karimi in Bathrobe
  92. About Daei
  93. BBC Sport - World Cup 2006 mini-site for Iran
  94. [IMAGES] Team Melli Training (Puma Apparel)
  95. Full Support for Team Melli
  96. Messina relegated
  97. Nikbakht injured?!
  98. [IMAGES] Team Melli Training (2)
  99. What Went Wrong at Fooald?An Exclusive Interview with Foolad’s General Manager
  100. World Cup Tix Arrived At My Door!!!
  101. video: world cup series:iran
  102. Mahdavikia played 90 minutes and was involved in Hamburg's winning goal!
  103. Congratulation karimi_nr1 for becoming April MOTM
  104. Saba Battery (IRN) Vs. Al Gharafa (QAT)
  105. Iran U-17 Vs. Japan U-17 [R]
  106. Al Qadisiya (KUW) vs. Foolad (IRN)
  107. I finally got my Iran vs Mexico tickets!!!!!
  108. What type of soccer shoes do team melli players wear?
  110. Do you UNDERESTAND Chalangar??????
  111. Interesting political topics I read on stormfront
  112. Nikbakht's knee injury could rule him out of the World Cup.
  113. Hate to beat a dead horse, but yahya almost cost Saba the game today....AGAIN!
  114. Moharam underwent another knee surgery in germany!...great.
  115. Mirzapour: I will be fully fit for the World Cup
  116. AlWahda-AlKramah
  117. ALI DAEI is the second top-scorer in the Champions League
  118. Aroosake Melli
  119. Late Night Stories
  120. Iran in WorldCup RingTones
  121. All Time Hazfi Cup Champions - Runner Ups
  122. FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup Rio de Janeiro 2006
  123. Iran U-19 (Women) Vs. Berlin (Women) [R]
  124. Iran to receive extra security
  125. Iran fears Team Melli will be attacked by terrorists...ha ha..thats a good one IFF!
  126. [Azadegan League] Sanat Naft lose, Homa win, Mes in playoffs
  127. The Forever Persian Gulf Lions FANS
  128. وقتى برانكو قدر خود را نمى داند
  129. Search For Iran Soccer On Yahoo.com
  130. Branko: Nikbakht will miss WC
  131. shepesh movies entertainment presents:tm trainning movie
  132. Iran to leave main penalty taker behind....NOW WE ARE DEAD!
  133. still tickets for iran-wc match!!!
  134. who will score Irans' first goal ?
  135. Dadkan: Irans TM will not go to the WC DASTO PAA BASTEH!
  136. Reza HassanZadeh in Coma
  137. Team Melli World Cup Bus
  138. KARIMI in the squad for tomorrows match..KICKER
  139. Nikbakht !!! :(
  140. Madanchi is not a defensive player, he is Irans Reveloution
  141. Great article to encourage Branco
  142. Aims of the Camps and friendlys
  143. Next Year AFC CL will have a new Format..CHECK IT OUT
  144. IRIB: Scouts from Different Clubs will be attentind Team melli camp
  145. (Football e Irani)Documentary about Iran
  146. Iran-Angola 3 tix Cat.1 RIGHT NOW !
  147. Iran U-14 to play S Arabia U-14 today in Tehran
  148. iran mexico tickets wanted desperately
  149. Long Sleeve Iran Jerseys!
  150. If you were a head Coach ,which team would it be & why ?( 2 iran only)
  151. hossein kaebi highlights?
  152. Tired Mahdavikia plays 90 minutes - Karimi and Zandi didn't play - Bayern CHAMPIONS!
  153. [IMAGES] Team Melli Training (3)
  154. todays hafzi cup semifinal please help
  155. Perspolis v Nojan
  156. Angola team is very strong
  157. Who lives in Arizona, USA?
  158. I just saw Abedzadeh, Khakpour & Shahroudi warmup at UCLA
  159. Madanchi ?!! how good is he really ?
  160. Karimi in traditional bavarian outfit in Bayern's Celebration
  161. Physicist finds top corner is goalkeeper's 'unsaveable zone'
  162. Zandi to leave Kaiserslaturen
  163. Iranians in Good form, Strikers
  164. Rumours going that Haan is not allowing
  165. 1 thing that could fix the problem of our pitches immediatly
  166. Hafzi Cup final to be played 1 Game and Thats IN
  167. The Asian Football Confederation website has FARSI language now!
  168. GREAT NEWS!! Karimi finally back
  169. End of story: Women will NOT be allowed in stadiums
  170. على آبادى: با قيافه مردانه ورزش كنيد
  171. How about Filix Magath as the next coach of the TM...He says he like to leave Germany
  172. People at Iransports.com are talking about an intersting development of TM!
  173. what means the players surename?
  174. IFF scolds Arie Haan
  175. 6th IPL to kick-off on August 8
  176. Portugal's Scolari warns against underestimating Iran
  177. ملى پوشان پرسپوليس پريدند
  178. Iran World Cup Tickets
  179. [IMAGE]Ahmadreza Abedzadeh
  180. perspolis vs. nojan video
  181. Even england has reserve players
  182. Zahab is the Truth
  183. ABC & ESPN2 to show Iran group games
  184. this is the iran football BT.
  185. doroogh varzeshi: PP players did not go to Swiss
  186. Iran = Persian Stars
  187. “Deciphering a Giant” –Is It Possible to Defeat Mexico? - By: Kaveh Mahjoob
  188. Interview with DADKAN .. From france
  189. Voting for starting Left Midfielder?
  190. OK guys.... DID YOU KNOW THAT IRAN HAD A FRIENDLY GAME? because i did not.
  191. 50000 TM jersey will be given to Iranians in the stadiums!
  192. Zandi Injured.....!.....Shi.......FUC......GOD DARN IT..>>SHI....!
  193. Watch out for Angola, warns Eusebio
  194. One month to go - Time to give TM 100% support
  195. new version of Arash TM song
  196. EU lawmakers are trying yet again to ban IRAN !!
  197. next iran friendlie on friday .i'll be there
  198. VIDEO: TM in Switzerland
  199. Daie Pa Talaeee..sarvareh Kooleh Donyaee
  200. ghermazateh
  201. Fifa's calander
  202. Please write to this guy and tell him to leave Iranian Football alone
  203. Remember Dennis Lawrence ???
  204. [correction] Azadegan League Playoff: Sanat Naft OUT
  205. In desperate need for Iran world cup tickets
  206. behrang safari scored today
  207. kaebi - this is interesting...
  208. Will Iran return to Tehran before WC?
  209. Professional football in Iran: A myth
  210. Dejagah will Start this Weekend
  211. Is there an official FIFA World Cup magazine/guide??
  212. May those who attacked me for calling Bahrainis names learn from this...READ!
  213. Vote for Karimi & Hashemian
  214. Has TM Red Jersey been realesed?
  215. Ladies and Gentelmen, Jabari tore his legaments & is out of the WC!Wow we are cursed!
  216. Another TM Song by Mehrdad, Mehrzad & Daniel Javid
  217. Mojtaba Jabbari is out of WC now
  218. With Niki and Jabari gone, who would be your pick in TM
  219. adidas Iran cleats
  220. a great day......tm video in spiez!
  221. Kavianpour to sign for Turkish club
  222. Ali Samereh Baggs another HATTRICK IN UAE
  223. Iranian agent in UK: I can transfer Nekounam to a top EPL team
  224. IRAN had another friendly
  225. HSV and Mahdavikia lose out on Champions League spot - No Karimi for Bayern
  226. TM pictures (from Spiez , Switzerland) clip+screensaver
  227. I had a dream last night
  228. Ali Karimi celebrating the Bundesliga championship !!!
  229. Mexico and Venezuela
  230. And finally, The list of 23 for TM according to Hamshari is released!
  231. ...and that's why we laugh at IFF
  232. Iran will lose to Mexico 56 - 0.
  233. [IFC EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]: ALI KARIMI and Bayern Munich Championship Ceremony--Full Video
  234. when will our european players join TM?
  235. Listen to this Audio on Iran.
  236. Jewish support for Iran
  237. Scolari: Iran Weakest Team in Group
  238. Mark my words
  239. ...and that' why we cry because of IFF
  240. Iran in World Cup 2006 Confidence Poll
  241. beach Fifa soccer world cup qualifier
  242. Abedzadeh in Zahab Show tonight
  243. Reza Hasanzadeh passes away at age 33...
  244. Vote for Karimi please!
  245. branco to announce world cup roster TONIGHT
  246. Chris Heaton-Harris MEP Responded to my email about TM! Must read!
  247. Iran Puma Jersey, Personalization/#
  248. Brocko announces the 23 man TM to the FIFA!
  249. Iran-Meusingen[Result]
  250. Final 23 Players released: according to jahan-e-Football