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  1. Putin blasts imperialism in football
  3. CNN hints Iran WILL NOT be banned from World Cup
  4. Nosrati to Croatia Zagreb
  5. No one wants to play us? So what!!!
  6. World Cup 2006 Tickets Selling On Ebay:iran-portugal
  7. Puma: Thinking about Cancelling Iran contract
  8. Kazemian is no longer a RIght winger/midfielder (tired of saying this)
  9. Nosrati/Ansarian/Sadeghi/Azizzadeh/or Kameli?
  10. Esteghlal- Aboo Moslem Thread (comments, updates)
  11. Tonight esteghlal game?????//
  12. updates - IPL - Esteghlal vs Aboumoslem
  13. Who was Capt of TM during WC 98 ?
  14. Pix from Perspolis Veteran's Ceremony
  15. OFFICIAL RESPONSE FROM FIFA: "Iran will NOT be banned because of politics"
  16. Oladi joined UAE leage and became Mobali's teammate
  17. Should we voice our opinion to FIFA regarding TM?
  18. Your Opinions on Saipa
  19. Watch out for Fajr
  20. Did Navidkia score today? Sepahan-Zobahan?
  21. It is Official! Iran Ukraine friendly has been cancelled!
  22. Rahmati or Talebloo instead of Vaezi for team melli!
  23. Post your team melli lineup...
  24. World Cup Petition - Dont Ban Iran
  25. Iran at the World Cup – Part 1: “Miracle on Green” by KAVEH MAHJOUB
  26. Perspolis - Shamoushak UPDATES
  27. Time to check our group opponent , Angola, in action!!!
  28. How to support Iran national team?
  29. we are thankfull mr noamooz ,,But
  30. Perspolis - Shamooshak (an entertaining match, Hamed shoudl be invited!)
  31. IPL Week 19 Results and the Updated Table
  32. I cannot stress enough how good hamed played today
  33. Congratulations to Kaiser Amir for becomming IranKicks' Member of the Year
  34. 【stats】Asian NTs' good fighting games against strong NTs after the 2002 WC
  35. is our defense better than 98?
  36. Moharram navidkia scored his first goal after returning to Sepahan!
  37. branco talks
  38. Official "Compare other underdog WC2006 teams' friendly schedules to Iran's" thread
  39. IPL Prediction Wk 20 (Deadline Jan 26)
  40. IPL Prediction Results after wk 19
  41. Official Iran Jersey Update
  42. Can the Persian Linos be the Black Horses
  43. IFF admits: Political pressures cancelled friendlies. It's ENGHELAB ENEMIES' fault
  44. Ok!! we got enough Weapons to go through .
  45. Independent Editorials
  46. Pashazadeh to Persepolis
  47. the most expensive player in the world is an iranian
  48. what about Dynamo Kyev?
  49. Int. Friendship Youth Tournament in Qatar
  50. Jaame Hazfi Champions!
  51. [GRAPHIC] New Concept IranKicks Logo
  52. iran-columbia freindly,iranian spectators for germany
  53. Alternate lineups for each match in world cup
  54. Iran U-19 vs Swiss U-19
  55. Iran is bidding for 2011 Asian Cup
  56. Players to watch in Germany: OCHOA Guillermo (MEX)
  57. Best Striker in Iran?
  58. Fission, Fusion or Confusion!? (By Naderjan)
  59. Interview with Branko!
  60. Tonight: FC BAYERN MÜNCHEN vs. FSV MAINZ 05 (German Cup)
  61. Rezaei is Now an Italian!
  62. بچه های جنوب
  63. The Team Melli Lineup, according to IK MEMBERS!
  64. Rezaei: I will leave Messina at the end of the season ; fans are right to be worried
  65. Barname 90 (90 program) says Eses deserved 3 red cards and 2 more!
  66. Pray for MAJID SABZI
  67. asian games in china was much better than........
  68. 4 Months away from the WC and we havent done JACK!
  69. Division 1 - Week 12 [R]
  70. Just watched first FULL GAME of Angola - Analysis
  71. Dadkaan & Co.
  72. Pumafootball.com / Iran Jersey?
  73. Dallale Fee !!! who is getting it at TM ??
  74. I'm Dissapointed
  75. South Korea 2 - Iran 1 (U-19 tournament)
  76. Mexico - Norway tonight
  77. 3 possible friendly matches announced by IFF (26th Jan)
  78. Perspolis - Ghandi UPDATES
  79. Portuguese are preparing to encounter us
  80. Shahid Ghandi the stranger in IPL
  81. daie one side,azziz other side.no lunch for malavan.ali karimi....
  82. Best asian football team
  83. IPL Week 20 Up Dates
  84. IPL Week 20 - Results
  85. Daryush Zahab will show Iran-Scotland from 1978 tonight..friday night!
  86. Iran (U-19) vs. Germany (U-19) 1:0!!!!
  87. Ferydoon Zandi
  88. Oh the Never Ending Story of Friendly Matches
  89. IPL Prediction Week 21 (Deadline Feb 3rd)
  90. Folks, the gap is wide and real
  91. Felix Magath. The right coach for Ali Karimi?
  92. Jabbari, Akbarpour and AmirAbadi are Eses's TM quality players
  93. iran does not need branco nor friendly not bundesligua.......
  94. IPL Prediction Result at the end of week 20
  95. al wahda fans want Nekounam to leave!!!!!
  96. LOOOL!! must see video of commentator today
  97. January MOTM Nomination Thread
  98. Interview with U-19 brazilian coach, Edmar Fonseca!
  99. who is Iman Mobali?
  100. Proposed Parliament bill: 100 billion tomans TV rights given to IPL clubs
  101. Too bad Angola were eliminated from the African Cup
  102. pele;saudi-brazil in the final world cup.perpolis,richest club in asia.defender......
  103. Funny ShaGholaam!!
  104. An “Abramovic” for Perspolis
  105. Why no friendly matches?
  106. Arie Haan becomes Perspolis Headcoach
  107. The Top Scorers in Euro-based Asian players who plays in the UEFA Top 10 Leagues
  108. Iran plans four friendlies
  109. Some Karimi Clips
  110. Esteghlal vs. Malavan - Result
  111. IPL prediction Results after ES-malavon game
  112. Ari Haan Joke
  113. Al-wahde cancels Nekounam's contract
  114. Iran's League One Standing (One level below IPL)
  115. "In-Depth football discussion" forum is now open
  116. Shahin Bushehr vs. Rah Ahan-Results ( Hazfi Cup)
  117. rahman rezai;they are planning to eleminate me.few iran players with green cards.
  118. the perspolis barbred wire is becoming king of pop
  119. who is the best player of the iran national team?
  120. Branco-Iranian coaches, 2nd meeting
  121. Iran - Costa Rica +st March in Tehran
  122. How long before Iran-Costa Rica is Cancelled & IFF standing with his @@@ in his hand?
  123. Nekounam to play with Al sharjah team !
  124. I cry whenever i see this!!!
  125. CNNSI.COM article on Bayern Munich & Karimi
  126. Iran Odd's of winning in world cup ... take a look
  127. Is turning point near for the Reds??
  128. Best IPL Goal Keeper
  129. Esteghlal - Rah Ahan postponed until Monday
  130. IPL Week 21 - Up Dates
  131. “Getting to Know Mexico”, By KAVEH MAHJOUB
  132. IPL Week 21 - Results
  133. Upset result in IPL Statnding
  134. Parvin and Ebrahimi are taking Perspolis down once again
  135. Parvin vs. Haan, ur thoughts please
  136. IPL Prediction week 22 (Deadline Feb 12)
  137. Mojtaba Jabbari, Andranik Teymourian or Hamed Kavianpour?
  138. watch karimi, mahdavikia, and hashemian live this week
  139. Who got tickets today?
  140. WC prediction
  141. a note on capitan Daei
  142. Saipa vs ZobAhan. Did it really end in a draw?
  143. Iran's Lineup for the Asian Cup Qualifiers.
  144. Was Bayern-Leverkusen referee an Iranian?
  145. Daei and Saba players survived an airplane accident
  146. Barnameyeh 90, yay or nay?
  147. Branko and Chiro overrated several FOolad players
  148. Mahdavikia's game winning assist + breaking nose
  149. omad reza v parvin,costa rica wants money,malavi refused
  150. Iran - Costa Rica Predictions!
  151. Division 1 - Week 13 [R]
  152. Passing The red Line(Women Football Fans)
  153. Rahahan - Esteghlal final result
  154. January MOTM Voting Thread!
  155. Technical Supervising Committee for IFF
  156. nothing but tic tac of the wall clock.
  157. little about Esteghlal forward
  158. Interesting encounter with an aussie player
  159. BBC Coverage of the World Cup
  160. Saba is looking new addation for Asian Champion Leauge
  161. usa;we will start sanction with football.goonesh for esteqlal and.......
  162. Foolad Khuzestan will play Qadisia of Kuwait in Tehran not Abadan
  163. Hazfi-Cup, the program and your predictions
  164. Nekonam joins ALsharjah
  165. Majid Sabzi passed away
  166. IPL Wages
  167. Once a Leader, Always a leader....Abedzadeh is a LEADER!
  168. no goal for angola v iran,give the cup to brazil and a lesson.......
  169. Germans announce tighter security measures against iranian fans
  170. IPL results after wk 21
  171. Congratulations Pouya82 for becomming January's MOTM
  172. Khodadad: I can play 4 more years
  173. Hashemian scored!
  174. (Video Clip)Hashemians Beautiful Goal today against Hamburg*MUST SEE*
  175. Taghipour! Kojah hasti!?!?
  176. Iranians in Bundesliga (Feb 7th & 8th)
  177. iran is not real madrid,is not branco,is not greece
  178. Is TM old or young?
  179. Meet in Leipzig
  180. Costa Rican striker: "We shouldn't play Iran"
  181. TM jersey goes on sale on March 1-- link
  182. TM needs a Wake UP call !!
  183. Are you fan of a Club or national team?
  184. 2 nations that we never play friendlies with
  185. "We Have Lost Our Dancing Shoes!" a new article by KAVEH MAHJOUB
  186. iff is chosing who in IPL will be champion.ari han is a watermelon....
  187. PAAS' website \ Contact Info
  188. getting results vs playing with your heart
  189. The videos of some important moments of our national team
  190. BUNDESLIGA - Mahdavikia scores, Zandi and Hashemian in the starting 11
  191. Insulting caricature about Iran's football team
  192. Iran U-14 news
  193. Breaking News : Big New Music Hit For Tm
  194. [pictures] Iranians in Bundesliga
  195. IPL Week 22 - Up Dates
  196. Nader Jahanfard - Exclusive report: USA vs. Japan, a journey to the sideline!
  197. IPL Week 22 - Results
  198. asian zaidan v the magician..?
  199. I cannot believe this! GO Perspolise!
  200. I Interviewd MKia....
  201. Which symbol do u want on our PUMA's????
  202. IPL Prediction Wk 23 (deadline Feb 16)
  203. British SUN :germanys police logo for 2006 looks like hitler
  204. Do you like the new TM theme song?
  205. IPL Prediction Results after week 22
  206. Arie Haan in PERSPLIS, Part II
  207. Ladies and Gentleman: Get to know the latest WC committee member
  208. IFF and Dadkaan's Neurolegist confirm what is wrong with IFF!
  209. An Interview with Ansarifard.
  210. dadakan;we must confront these los angles singers.
  211. what if iran lose to.........
  212. Mahadabikia named to the Bundesliga team of the week
  213. Main Euro-based Asian players list
  214. Where is the money coming from?
  215. Iran officialy asks Argentina for a friendly
  216. Iranians in Bundesliga (week 21) + Kicker ratings
  217. Would Iran boycott the World Cup?
  218. Important: IPL Week 23 to be played on Thursday (Feb 16)
  219. iran-cost rica,a rumor that is getting nearer to reality.
  220. First foreign player for perspolis arrived in Tehran
  221. FIFA rankings - Iran crash out of top 20
  222. Ali Karimi and Iran on the headline of FIFA
  223. kurdish player?
  224. Guys Hurry Iran Angola Available
  225. Karimi has an assist in friendly against Cottbus
  226. Costa Rican Football Federation CONFIRMED their arrival in Tehran!
  227. Photos of Ashkan Dejagah tonight in the UEFA Cup!
  228. INTERVIEW - Post your questions for Ashkan Dejagah
  229. Any chance Karimi plays against Milan?
  230. Karimi?
  231. Perspolis - Bargh UPDATES
  232. IPL Week 23 - Results
  233. Branco invite 27 Players for TM
  234. 23rd Week of IPL Facts and Scoops!
  235. Overview of Iran's National Team by Steven Beagrie
  236. Europe's Asian invasion quickens
  237. I love the new TM list, but there is on player missing that kills me inside....
  238. IPL Prediction Wk 24 (Daedline March 3rd)
  239. IRAN vs ARGENTINA ... Coming Soon
  240. when will van der vaart return from injury
  241. Gol TV on Iran
  242. IPL Prediction Results after wk 23
  243. 4 iran vs. mexico tix available on ebay..
  244. Soccer and Women Rights the making of a Sad Comedy!
  245. Raphael Edereho Signs with Perspolis
  246. Hannover - Bayern Munich
  247. [IMAGES] Team Melli Training
  248. Alborz sport paper hits back the German Carikatorist with a caricator!
  249. Article on FIFA page about TM Players in Germany
  250. Iranians in Bundesliga (week 22)