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  1. Why not
  2. What time is persepolis game tomorrow?
  3. Majid Jalali refuses U19 coaching post
  4. Today's IPL results
  5. TM will NOT play friendlies with "good" teams.
  6. Every team in Group D has friendlies lined up except Iran
  7. Kicker ratings for Bayern-HSV
  9. Hossein Kaebi Aims High for the World Cup - An Indepth Interview!
  10. Esteghlal and Perspolise game will be live on IRIB
  11. Kaiserslautern protest over German Cup exit
  12. Barqg vs Esteghlal ( R )
  13. perspolise vs Sepahan updates
  14. Former head coach of Turkey to coach Perspolis
  15. What I saw in IPL week 15
  16. How much deserve parvin and branko compare the others IPL-manager and europa manager?
  17. How is PP now SPONSER ?????????
  18. IFC Exclusive Interview with Vahid Hashemian!
  19. [B]To All Ess Ess Fans ..... Please read [/B]
  20. IPL Prdiction results after week 15 (Mid Season)
  21. IPL prediction for week 16 (deadline Dec 29)
  22. همدانى: دايى توهين مى كرafter saba & Pas gameد
  23. To "ALL " rasol khatibis out there
  24. daadkan Learn form PP and do something
  25. vote for Mahdavikia
  26. Negotiation between GUNES and perspolis broke out
  27. Latest news regarding Karimi
  28. IFF confirm that no international friendy games with following teams before World Cup
  29. Gunes - New Persepolis Coach
  30. Iran-Spain might be still on
  31. Iran's PUMA contract!!!
  32. Show Your Pride, Write A Persian Slogan!
  33. Pictures from the Meeting between Gunes and Perspolis
  35. Iran - Spain will be played in France.
  36. Iranian Santa Claus
  37. how many goals has Daie scored in IPL this year?
  38. Be honest, how many of U would spy against TM for another team in the WC?
  39. kids show their love for Iran
  40. Navad DVD
  41. New fields in Tehran
  42. How did you become your Football club's fan?
  43. **Iran Vs. Iraq 1977 Finals**
  44. Oladi and Parvin get into a fight....wow!
  45. Perspolise's bad financial record a major issue in the signing of the turkish coach!
  46. We have to watch Angola Closely..
  47. Gol TV Picked Portugal & Angola to advance!
  48. Who would YOU invite to TM?
  49. DADKAN we will think of friendly games after ASIAN cup draw
  50. Bad news for ZANDI!
  51. HASSan Rowshan " branco needs to go "
  52. Mayelikohan's resignation from Perspolis is accepted-Talks with Gunes continue!
  53. Team Melli Player of the Year 2005
  54. Which Iranian will score the most Bundesliga goals this season?
  55. Ali Karimi named Asian Player of the Year
  56. WOW: Vahid Hashemian's paper about analyzing WC Group D
  57. Haha: Funny Interview with Ali Parvin
  58. What do you tink will happen tomorrow in Esteghlal-Saba game ?
  59. It is official! Iran vs Spain
  60. PICTURE - Describe itself
  61. Saba vs. esteghlal updates
  62. "I am glad we are not facing Iran!"Bruce Arena
  63. A new addation to Esteghlal Tehran; an Iraqi player
  64. iranian reason to love real madrid
  65. PERSEPOLIS to face Bayern Munich
  66. H.Kaabi highlights?
  67. Perspolis getting Demolished in Azadi
  68. IPL Week 16th Results
  69. parvin says goodbye to Perspolis-Ansarifard still looking to bring a top coach
  70. If Pp can play bayern ,why not our TM ?
  71. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge: Karimi a positive surprise for all of us.....
  72. Ali Daie Has Never Scored Against Esteghlaal?!?!
  73. Iranian Wishing Iranians a Happy New Year
  74. he only got a yellow card!!!
  75. Mehrnews: Interview with Dr. Dadkan
  76. Karimi is Da PIMP!! pics
  77. IPL Prediction Week 17 (deadline is Jan 5)
  78. IPL Prediction result at the end of week 16
  79. So much more to ess-Saba game that we dont see and hear...Wow!
  80. What will Iran's place in group D be?
  81. 1, 2, 3, and Parvin is out!!
  82. Our Condolences to Coach Ahmad Tousi
  83. The other side of the coin for Parvin!!!
  84. MOTM nomination time!!!
  85. Parvin returns to Perspolis
  86. Iran to Face Senegal and Cameroon
  87. Did Nekonam score?
  88. Karimi. Goaltender for Iran?
  89. German leader opposes Iran ban
  90. "RUN OF JOY", An interview with Hamid Estili
  91. Iran Under Friendly Fire!
  92. Perfect time to bring Macala to Iran
  93. bayern: perspolis on Iranvarzeshi
  94. MahdaviKia: one of BundesLiga's TOP 3 defenders- Kicker team of the half-season
  95. AFC allows Iran to reschedule her Asian Cup qualifying match
  96. Nekounam scored in his first match today
  97. The Word is out: Bevare of Iran! Mexico Media!
  98. January 4, 2006 is the draw of AFC asian nations cup 2007
  99. Should Nikbakht stay on Team Melli?
  100. Asian CUp Groups Decided- Iran Same group with South Korea
  101. Mojahed is back!
  102. Confusion on Bayern official site!
  103. why is daie in TM ? respond based on logic !!
  104. Should we play South Korea on March 1st?
  105. Division 1 (Azadegan league) Table
  106. Mahdavikia-ranked 2nd best Bundesliga wingback
  107. Asian Cup Draw & Information
  108. Perspolis - Bayern, a good or a bad thing?
  109. perspolise vs Saipa
  110. IRan should send her B team to the games .
  111. parvinisem
  112. Nosrati needs to prove to all
  113. IPL matches on DVDs
  114. Iran World Cup National Team Warm ups
  115. Ipl players and taking their shirts off?!?!
  116. Asian Cup-Which group is group of death? lol
  117. Who is the most under-rated IPL player?
  118. *VIDEO*: Wow what a GOAL!!! Beyond IPL
  119. Predict the Result: Bayern München: PersPolis
  120. Iran will play Czech Republic
  121. IPL results
  122. PP- Bayern .......whats the point????
  123. dark ages in iran football
  124. Karimi : IS Irans' KEY player during WC06
  125. Mexican Channel 52 New Analysis on Iran.
  126. navidkia
  127. Esteghlal could be a whole lot better than this only if....
  128. Parvin; we will WIN Bayern
  129. IPL Prediction Week 18 (Deadline is january 10)
  130. IPL Prediction results after week 17
  131. Question on PP-bayern
  132. ok PP and Bayerns game is 100%
  133. 17 weeks of IPL Season 5 in a Quick Review
  134. esteqllql will play paris st.germain
  135. Angola trashes Club Brugge in friendly match
  136. KHAKPOUR: Daei should RETIRE, and more abou IVICH, and TM friendlies HE can organize
  137. [Video]: Parvin Returns!
  138. is zandy going to play in IPL??
  139. Esteghlal has offered Stuttgart a friendly match in Tehran on January 14th
  140. hashemian and borgetty were the worst transfers
  141. *VIDEO*: Parvin Interview about coaching staff
  142. No Women in Iranian Stadiums...Less Profit for Clubs!
  143. Jan Motm poll
  144. lothar matthaus to coach perspolis
  145. IPL Teams ?
  146. branco;bundesligua players will take iran to second round
  147. Navidkia returns to Sepahan
  148. DADKAN: TM will play one of these teams on March 1st: Spain, Turkey, or Ukrain
  149. Bundesliga Won't Limit Foreign Players Anymore!
  150. What did entezari have on his shirt?
  151. Persepolis vs Bayern (prediction)
  152. Tehran In Snow!!
  153. lions of asia perspolise will destroy buyern munich in tehran
  154. just dropping in
  155. Perspolis- Pas thread (live comments and post game analysis)
  156. Aziz Asli's views onn Iran's TM
  157. vasseh pirozi perspolise bar buyern munich sallavat
  158. It's official: TM to play UKRAIN on March 1st.
  159. Bayern Site: Karimi
  160. PAAS avenges previous loss by beating Perspolis at home...!
  161. Why Perspolis Lost Today? (In Pictures!)
  162. Angola losses to 2nd Bundesliga team!!!!
  163. IPL Prediction Week 19 (deadline Jan 19)
  164. Iran Kicks Member of the Year thread. Please Vote!
  165. dadkan is grassrolling.......
  166. Local hero Ali's glee at double reunion
  167. Going to the WC
  168. IPL games today?
  169. Week 18 IPL results and updated Table
  170. IPL Week 18th in Pictures
  171. Latest TM News; BRANKO Invites 25 players for TM's Kish camp
  172. IPL results as saipa goes to the top on week 18
  173. Esteghlaal V Malavaan postponed...
  174. [Video]: Karimi and Bayern Munich Trainings in Dubai!
  175. Time for Persepolis vs. FC Bayern Munich ???
  176. Who's Iran's RIVAL, KSA or BAHRAIN?
  177. Mexico may use three naturalized players born in Brazil and Argentina in WC
  178. My Interview with MIRZAPOOR
  179. God may help B.München!
  180. smile!you are reading about iran football
  181. clearing things up regarding TM WC 2006 PUMA JERSEY
  182. daie BASHES khakpour ..who is next ?
  183. Uli Hoeness : We Play For The Iranian People Not For The Regime
  184. Asian football chief predicts strong challenge (Iran can be best in Asia)
  185. Don't be too disappointed if Bayern vs. Perspolise is cancelled.
  186. Nekounam
  187. Puma World Cup Kits
  188. Uli Hoeneß on Karimi: A real mixed bag.
  189. What channels on TV will shwo the BM vs. PP game?
  190. Pictures: Karimi and Bayern training just before their trip to Tehran
  191. KAZemian scores penalty!!!!
  192. I was enjoying the game until
  193. This Game Is Bloody Embarrasing!!!!!
  194. VIDEO: Perspolis - Bayern München
  195. Free Car to Ali Daei
  196. KAZEMIAN, should be a starter for TM
  197. From Bayerns official site about the game
  198. [IMAGES] Perspolis vs. Bayern Munich (Including pre-game and Abedzadeh)
  199. The hell with I.R and IRIB
  201. After today, do you think any other team will play Iran?
  202. more pictures on PP-BM
  203. Priceless lessons from Bayern match! (By Naderjan)
  204. Oliver Kahn. A TRUE Gentleman.....
  205. Bayern win controversial friendly in Tehran (Yahoo.com)
  206. Hazfi cup thread
  207. IPL Prediction result after Week 18
  208. Ladies Prefer Perspolis!
  209. UK Politician calls to 'Ban Iran From World Cup'
  210. esteghlal vs paris saint germain
  211. anyone living outside iran can not.........ali daie
  212. The danish SF also want Iran kicked out of WC
  213. FCBayern.de: Tehran football fans rise to greet Reds
  214. I have an idea!!
  215. (Funny clip) Ferdosipoor's khodkaar flying away from him LOL
  216. Aberoo-rizi at the after game confrence clip (PP-Bay)
  217. Azari: " The Azadi Pitch is RUINED and will get worst".
  218. Karimi: eager to stay with Bayern
  219. when will the ss-malavan postponed game be played??
  220. Instead of buying Excess Attackers, Perspolis needed defenders
  221. The trio that could raise TM to its maximum
  222. a day with team melli
  223. an interveiw with branco in kish.only ukrain friendly and only 2 players......
  224. ali parvin is the movei producer.
  225. VOTE on CNN against banning Iran from WC
  226. To The World: Iran WILL play in the World Cup!
  227. GREAT NEWS: ESES and PP financial problems ALL RESOLVED
  228. do u like ESES's current jersey style??
  229. team melli iran 4-0 kish team melli
  230. CNN Poll - Should Iran be banned from WC...?
  231. Majid Jalali to Coach Shahid Ghandi Yazd. Talebi in Teame Melli camps!
  232. CONTACT Michael Ancram, UK Tory MP over his calls for Iran to be banned from WC2006
  233. Some explanation...
  234. Ban England and USA from WC2006
  235. Perhaps Talebi could help Branko out (hear me out)
  236. Playing it Fair with "Fair Play" - World Cup and talks of banning Iran
  237. Who will You be Angry With? Iranian Government or FIFA
  238. perspolis,kazemian,slogans,payment related to bayren.
  239. Reports: Iran vs Ukraine Friendly Cancelled
  240. best midfielders in IPL !!
  241. Will Perspolis play Shamushak in Kargaran?
  242. Mahdavikia injured in training
  243. learn from Iraq..
  244. What would you do if Iran gets banned? (although very unlikely)
  245. My 2 cents on atomic energy and world cup
  246. enayati,daie,kazemian,ollady,offaral,farsy.......
  247. Get Branco ,daie and his gang OUT of TM ,NOW
  248. Where to buy t-shirts and apparel to support TM at the upcoming World Cup???
  249. the real reasons why IFF people don't want friendlies
  250. why is IFF sitting around ?? KSA has 14 fiendlies